Rides at carowinds charlotte nc

The hardest part of the job is standing - you shouldn't be sitting down on the job - in the sun all day. Certain booths do not have shade.

Managers decide who works which booth. The most enjoyable part of the job is seeing that you made someone's day when they win your game. It really is a sight to see - and you really do feel sort of attached to many of the groups that come by - it's fun to banter with them a little to get them to come play. Don't be mean to Carowinds or them, though!

It's a great job with plenty of opportunities to advance!

Rides at carowinds charlotte nc

However you do work with a young crowd so availability and turn over is bad. But the benefits are okay, the job is fun but very hot Management however has an awful favoritism issue, atleast in retial. Very fun place to work. Working at Carowinds was busy, it was always busy.

There was no time for sitting down and relaxing, my crew and I were constantly on our feet. Very interesting job. They care about thier workers. It was my first job.

I loved it at first, i thought the idea of working in an amusment park would be amazing. The only thing i didnt like about the job was the hot sun. Number of cliques and not structured. The department I'm from was so unorganized and the management you have to walk around on egg shells. If you are new the cliques don't welcome you but always look for negative things to pick at. The workers are so cut throat for the little money they make.

This job would work for a kid or a person without a family to take care of. It was all in all a great work experience.

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Working at carowinds was a great job first job. Overall the work experience was great, I enjoyed my time when working there and made really good friends. It was great working there. Be your self! They give you a lot of opportunity if you do your part and if you do your job right. The pay is good for teens that is in school and just looking for money to buy clothes and shoes with.

Carowinds is not a bad place to work as your first job. The first couple of weeks is rough because I had to make new friends, learn the park, and figure how to help the guest. We could not hgh rajeunissement medical tips of any kind, direct with our hand instead of fingers, and always say, "My pleasure" instead of, "Your welcome" because it is more official and the proper knowledge.

Most days in the summer gets very hot and humid, but in our defense we get free drinks. High temperatures not enough pay for the work that has been completed. At carowinds, I learned to become more of a peoples person, and became more responsible with my duties.

The benefits were great, and is an experience I am proud to share. Great experience with people, great benefits, and good working hours. Great experience. I really loved working at carowinds! It was a fun experience with opportunities to grow! Very great work environment.

Everyone that worked there was very nice, great management. A typical day at work starts with getting the building ready for opening, you open at the given time and depending on where you work in the park you do different things inside the building, after everyone has left the park you get ready for close.

Fun to try. A great place for the starters to get experience. When I started they were transitioning to Cedar Fair so that was cool to watch the changes, overall the people I worked with were fun but it was difficult to balance work and home without repricussions. Avis des voyageurs. Infos pratiques. Attestation d'Excellence. Fermé à l'heure actuelle.

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Charlotte - Services linguistiques Éclosion: trouvez la chambre d'évasion Cure Écrire un avis. Note attribuée. Type de voyageur. Période de l'année. Filtres sélectionnés. Loic D a écrit un avis le août Québec villeCanada 47 contributions 7 votes utiles.

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Large choix d'attractions. Parc super!!! Un espace Snoopy dédié au plus jeunes enfants, un grand choix de coaster dont Fury qui est purement et simplement génial!!!

Le parc est relativement bien entretenu et la direction offre des verres d'eau fraiche à tous et toute la journée lors des fortes chaleurs.

Utile Partager. Liva Karl a écrit un avis le mars Orlando, Floride 19 contributions 10 votes utiles. A faire!!!!! Un parc à faire absolument, les attractions sont incroyables et le Fury est génial.

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