Current regiments of the british army

3rd Parachute Chasseur Regiment

Link to follow FiercePride. In to the final miles with one hour to go for the keoghtokohima cycle challenge! Kohima Educational Trust fiercepride cplsmess. Barracks to Kohima in India.

12e Régiment blindé du Canada

This is a great night out and sets the festive tone for the rest of the month FiercePride. This year our Christmas Carol Service is free Details are on the poster attached to this post. Great work Tiger. Continuing a great boxing tradition FiercePride. Sadly we remember Private Tom Lake, who died this day in Private Lake was taking part in a patrol to reassure the local population in the Jamal Kowi area of the Nahr-e Saraj district of central Helmand when he was caught in an explosion.

He was airlifted to the field hospital at Camp Bastion where he was declared killed in action. Private Lake, aged 29, from Watford, joined the Army in November and passed out of training in May He joined B Company and deployed to Canada with 4 Platoon in Julyand he stayed with that platoon for the rest of his training and subsequent deployment to Afghanistan. While new to the battalion, he was quickly recognised as an extremely competent and reliable soldier by his peers and his chain of command.

Fit and confident, he demonstrated the ability to take on all manner of tasks and succeed. As an Infantry Soldier, you will enjoy challenges and responsibility in equal measure. There is never a dull In the run up to Christmas many, particularly those overseas will be purchasing gifts on line. If you shop through Amazon then you can sign up to Amazon Smile and raise money for the benevolent fund at no charge to you.

Skip to main content Skip to "About government". Symbolism The maple leaves and the beaver represent service to Canada, and the Crown, service to the Sovereign. Guidon Camp flag. Lineage This regiment originated on 24 March and incorporates both Regular and Reserve Force regiments.

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Current regiments of the british army

Best of luck to our sponsored boxer; Liam Davies, for his 6th professional fight this weekend at Bescott Stadium in Wallsall.

Why not get in touch and find out if a life of action, adventure and lifelong friendship in a role that acts as the spearhead of The British Army is one for you. In or around Stoke-on-Trent this morning? The walk is a 5 mile stretch through woodland trails, pavements and canal tow paths. Want to join in? This Thursday be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook page to see our 1 Mercian Boxers throwing their best punches for the Inter Company Boxing Competition.

As an Infantry Soldier, you will enjoy challenges and responsibility in equal measure. There is never a dull … moment at Infantry Training Centre Catterick where the world's best Infantry Soldiers are made. From everybody in the Mercian Regiment, we hope you have an excellent day, sir! We will forever remember those who died so that we can live today.

I always reflect on how proud I am of you all and once again thank you for your service.