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She towed it in to the shop and surprisingly we could still drive it around the parking lot.

We found gear oil was leaking from inside the bell housing, that is a sure sign that the trans case is cracked internally. We removed the transmission and found a nice open window to the differential which is never good. This happens when a piece of metal debris gets in between the diff carrier and the trans case like a chipped gear tooth, or a loose diff rivit.

In this case the spider gear retaining pin came loose and knocked the hole in the case! Customer replaced the temp sensor himself and still nothing works.

Repaired the wiring and warning lights are now off and the AC is blowing cold again! Hi Friends, I just got back from 4 days in Guadalajara, Mexico. Volkswagens are very popular in Mexico, they get a whole bunch of fun models we never see in the US. Mexicans love Vw because of the large plant in Pueblo. We would have lots of work if we opened a shop in Mexico!

Flower Power Beetle in for routine service today! How, what where who?? Body shop level Good Morning Friends! This 2. This is from a failed open circuit ignition coil not sending spark to the 5 spark plug.

Fix is to replace the coil but we are being proactive and replacing all the coils along with brand new NGK Laser Platinum spark plugs and a new Bosch Air Filter for a full ignition system tune up.

Thank you!! Hey Volkswagen! Signed, every TSI customer. Make the cars lastmiles at least! Get rid of junk timing chain t … ensioner problems, go back to timing belts. Get rid of junk water pumps and go back to simple timing belt driven water pumps. Get rid of direct injection injectors and go back to regular reliable manifold injectors.

That would eliminate the need for carbon cleaning everymiles and eliminate the misfires caused by sticking injectors when they dump raw fuel into the engine. Just a thought. Keep it simple and keep it reliable!

Nice Mk7 Golf R getting a full set of new rubber installed this morning. Cracked coolant bottle awareness post! If your red coolant light starts flashing pull over safely and check your water level, top it off if needed and come see us so we can find the leak. Do not ignore these warning lights, especially the red oil light and red coolant light, both are serious lights.

You will blow up your engine if you keep driving! We had one young customer that thought the red flashing coolant light was on simply because it was hot outside Happy driving friends, be safe out there! Full house tonight, we have been busy! Thank you to all of our awesome customers out there, everyone have a great weekend! This Audi just hit 10, miles for its first oil change and is already on Air Ride suspension. Some driver clinics are envisioned but to be scheduled after the winter rains and snow clear out.

Each rig to be equipped with a tow strap, working jack, tire plug repair kit and preferable a FSR radio or hand held ham or CB. Air compressor to be made available by leader or the trip.

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