What is the best regimen for skin care

Does your skin appear fragile throughout the year? Does it react to harsh weather conditions by flushing, feeling permanently uncomfortable and producing red blotches? It shows the signs of sensitive skin and need of a complete soothing beauty program.

A gentle way to remove makeup and calm the epidermis. This makeup remover instantly cleanses, tones and soothes the most sensitive skins. Dermatologically tested. Comforting with a heavenly light feel, this rescue cream strengthens the protective barrier of the skin to soothe and visibly preserve its youth. Its hypoallergenic "safeguard" texture provides instant comfort while conveniently covering red It diminishes redness and soothes sensations of discomfort.

A treatment specifically adapted for hyper-sensitive skin, this cream will soothe even the most reactive complexion. This mask offers an intensely comforting break to sensitive skin.

Formulated with Marine Spring Water, it immediately soothes the discomfort of dry skin made vulnerable by everyday environmental aggression climate, pollution, etc. Day after Visage See all. Par Catégorie Visage. Par Catégorie See all. Préoccupations Visage. Préoccupations See all. Collections See all. Corps See all. Par Catégorie Corps. Préoccupations Corps.

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I have oily but sensitive skin. What skincare routine should I adopt?

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Oily sensitive skin is just as prone to breakouts as regular oily skin. The main difference is that as well as being prone to blemishes, skin also reacts more easily to everyday stressors like a change in temperature.

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It might get itchy or red, for example. But all hope is not lost - the right skincare can help to recover healthy, smooth skin texture. Your perfect partners. Paiement sécurisé Profitez d'options de paiement hautement sécurisées. Recevez nos conseils et nos programmes.

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