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Préoccupations de la peau : Rides et ridules. Format 30 mL. Partager Partager sur Facebook. Tweeter Tweeter sur Twitter. Épingler Épingler sur Pinterest. Développé par des dermatologues Sans danger, même pour les peaux les plus sensibles. C'est notre priorité numéro 1! Sans parabènes, sulfates, phtalates, huiles minérales, colorants, fragrances artificielles, ingrédients d'origine animale ni irritants potentiels. Non testé sur les animaux. Appliquer ensuite votre crème anti-âge Jouviance.

Produits complémentaires Anti-Âge 3 en 1 Effects of different levels of physical inactivity on plasma visfatin in healthy normal-weight men. Subatomiques Sciences Analytiques Radiobio. Annuaire IPHC. November Publications De Jong N. The social network structure of a semi-free roaming European bison herd Bison bonasus. Impact of group management and transfer on individual sociality in Highland cattle Bos TaurusarXiv, Sueur, C.

La représentation des animaux dans la littérature de jeunesse. October Publications Guivier, E. Early infection and host senescence. Presentations Schradin, C. Intraspecific variation in social organization. Letang, B. Wenger, M. Parties de chasseOctober 13, Stimultania, Strasbourg Media coverage Quelles sont les études pour faire du droit animalier?

Reproduction and ageing in times of social turmoil in the zebra finch. September Publications Criscuolo, F. Telomere length, individual quality and fitness in female European starlings Sturnus vulgaris during breeding.

Nater, C. Canale, C. Schradin, and A. Density feedbacks mediate effects of environmental change on population dynamics of a semidesert rodent J Anim Ecol. Erika H. Social environment mediates cancer progression in Drosophila. American Naturalist, in press. Primates, in press.

Et si les comportements sociaux pouvaient influencer la progression des maladies, même non contagieuses? Quarantaine forcée chez les Drosophiles. Université de Strasbourg, actualité de recherche. From the EPE, C. Schradin and G. Lemonier participate in this LIA.

The LIA will start in and is for 3 years. Visitors and visits Prof. Fernanda de la Fuente. We would like to thank our collaborator, D r. He is working together with Vincent Viblanc about the effects of parasite load on fitness in Columbian ground squirrels.

Congratulation Congratulations to Gildas Lemonnier whose employment at the CNRS will be made permanent after the first year of his employment has finished.

Density feedbacks mediate effects of environmental change on population dynamics of a semidesert rodent. Journal of Animal Ecology Romano V. Evolution of animal social networks. Invited speaker.

Teikyo University, Uenohara, Japan, August 3rd. Sueur C. Primate Research institute, Inuyama, Japan, July 30th. June Publications Rimbach, R. Blanc, A. Zahariev, M. Gatta, N. Pillay, and C. Seasonal variation in energy expenditure in a rodent inhabiting a winter-rainfall desert. Journal of Comparative Physiology B. Does elevated parasite richness in the environment affect daily path length of animals or is it the converse? An answer bringing some new elements of discussion.

New grants B. May Publications Schradin, C. Vuarin, and R. Hayes, N. The evolution of intraspecific variation in social organization.

Ethology 0. Visitors We would like to thank Prof T. This is part of a PICS funded collaboration He will be working on the costs of parasites and the thermal mismatch hypothesis with VA Viblanc. April Publications Agnani, P. KauffmannL. Hayes, and C. Intra-specific variation in social organization of Strepsirrhines. American Journal of Primatology 0:e Mallarino, R.

Pillay, H. Hoekstra, and C. African striped mice. Current Biology RR How can leadership processes in European bison be used to improve the management of free-roaming herds? The influence of kinship and dominance hierarchy on grooming partner choice in free-ranging Macaca mulatta brevicaudus. Primates, in press Media coverage "Le pouvoir nuit-il gravement au cerveau?

Congratulation Congratulations to Prof. February Publications Rimbach, R. Jäger, N. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology Viblanc, VA. Macrophysiology as a powerful tool for evaluating metapopulation stress and the effectiveness of conservation actions. January Publications Destoumieux-Garzón D.

Serum anti rides jhb zoo

In press. Telomere erosion after an imuune challenge depends on sex and age at injection but not on maternal antibodies in pigeons. Journal of Experimental Zoology, in press. Assortative pairing by telomere length in king penguins and relationships with breeding success.

Canadian Journal of Zoology. Philosophical Transactions Royal Society B, Fitness, Pages in J. Vonk, and T. Shackelford, eds. Encyclopedia of Animal Cognition and Behavior. Cham, Springer International Publishing. Experimental stress during molt suggests the evolution of condition-dependent and condition-independent ornaments in the king penguin.

Ecology and Evolution. Functional Ecology. The influence of phylogeny, social style, and sociodemographic factors on macaque social network structure.

Social play among juvenile wild Japanese macaques Macaca fuscata strengthens their social bonds. American Journal of Primatology, in press. The influence of demographic variation on social network stability in wild vervet monkeys. Animal Behaviour, in press Schradin, C. Ecology, Pages in J. Presentations Cédric Sueur. La culture chez les macaques japonais. Exposition "Saru Singes du Japon". November 8, How can social organization explain the differences in longevity in the black garden ant Lasius Niger.

November October Presentations Schradin, C. September Publications Schradin C. Comparative studies need to rely both on sound natural history data and on excellent statistical analysis. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, in press. She is joining the striped mouse project as postdoc in November Congratulations Congratulations to Valéria Romano who defended her doctoral thesis on the 22nd of September.

An integrative appraisal of the hormonal and metabolic changes induced by acute stress using king penguins as a model. One step at a time ininvestigating relationships between self-directed behaviours andparasitological, social and environmental variables.

Presentations Kalcher-Sommersguter, E. European Federation of Primatology CongressStrasbourg. Published in Folia Primatologica 88, Puga-Gonzales, I. Published in Folia Primatologica 88, — Sosa, S. Schradin as its director. Negative phenotypic and genetic correlation between natal dispersal and nest-defence behaviour in a wild bird. Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation, 20 3 Ecological Complexity,31C pp. Angers, France. Oral communication Sueur C. Congratulations Valéria Romano was selected in 1st place to the post of Research Assistant opened by the Department of Anthropology from the University of Oxford.

We established this award in to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Japan Monkey Centre. An announcement for this award will be printed in the October issue of Primates.

June Publications Meyer X. Shallow divers, deep waters, and the rise of behavioural stochasticity. May Publications Hayes, L.

Long-term field studies in rodents. Journal of Mammalogy, 98, Hayes, L. Presentations Sueur, C. The evolution of animal social networks. Other From the 22 nd to 29 th of May, Sandrine Zahn went in the Lautaret to help with the field work, to establish a new protocol to improve DNA extraction and telomere measurements.

April Publications Beaulieu, M. Socially-induced variation in physiological mediators of parental care in a colonial bird. Hormones and behavior. Ahr, N. Petit, O. Determinants of leadership in groups of female mallards.

March Publications Sueur, C. Des réseaux sociaux aux réseaux écologiques. SchradinN. Pillay, and R. Presentations Romano V. Using contact networks to predict infectious disease risk in primates. Kyoto, Japan. Poster presentation. Romano V. Seminar on Ecology and Social Behavior. Primate Research Institute. Inuyama, Japan. Oral Presentation. Vincent Viblanc. Invited seminar 28 Feb. Media coverage Société, Feu rouge! Simon gave a talk at the BEEPs about. Cultural influence of social information use in pedestrian road-crossing behaviours.

Trade-offs between reproduction and health in free-ranging African striped mice. Journal of Comparative Physiology B Presentations Sueur C. Sozial und flexible — Die Striemengrasmaus aus Südafrika. Eliomys — Mitteilungsblatt er Bundesarbeitsgruppe Kleinsäuger. New grants C.

January Publications Sueur C. Mery F. Frontiers in Psychology, Interspecies sexual behaviour between a male Japanese macaque and female Sika deer. Both thyroid hormone levels and resting metabolic rate decrease in African striped mice when food availability decreases. November Publications Duboscq, J. Alx3 regulates the spatial differences in hair pigment underlying stripe patterns in rodents. Nature, Rimbach, R.

Wastavino, C. Yuen, N. Contrasting activity budgets of alternative reproductive tactics in male striped mice.

Journal of Zoology Rojas E. Interaction network dynamics and information transmission in drosophila. Paris Novembre, National Research Foundation, South Africa. After doing his PhD in the DEPE inhe succeeded in finding a long-term postdoc position in Germany, working on environmental and social effects on individual fitness, via the implication of oxidative stress.

Eur J Appl Physiol. Effect of frequent interruptions of prolonged sitting on self-perceived levels of energy, mood, food cravings and cognitive function.

Inter-specific correlation between red blood cell mitochondrial ROS production, cardiolipin content and longevity in birds.

Age, in press. DOI Survival is linked with reaction time and spatial memory in African striped mice. Biology Letters Presentations V. RomanoC. September 14th. Congratulations V. Romano started a 6. Other V. Kyoto University. September th. Sci Rep. Duboscq, J. Willigenburg, I.

Schoepf, C. Presentations Pelé, M. Interspecies sexual behaviour between a Japanese macaque male and a sika deer female. Poster presentation at the meeting of the International Primatological Society and the American Society of Primatologists.

Chicago, USA. August 25, Social tolerance affects group network structure and decision-making in macaques. Audrey Bergouignan. Social networks as trade-off between optimal information transmission and reduced disease transmission.

June Publications Borgeaud, C. Frontiers in Psychology, in press. Interactive effects of exogenous and endogenous factors on demographic rates of an African rodent. BMC Evolutionary Biology, Viblanc, V. Behavioral Ecologyin press. Bergouignan A. Effect of frequent interruptions on energy expenditure and substrate oxidation in overweight adults. Bergouignan, A. Prevention of sedentary behaviors to improve metabolic health. BertileI. CheryS.

Botox glabella only, A. Evans, J. Arnemo, P. Taberlet, G. Gauquelin-Koch, C. Simon, E. Lefai, L. Humbert, D. Rainteau and S. Bile acids during dormancy in brown bears. BertileA. Ziemianin, I. CheryM.