Doors lyrics riders on the storm meaning

This song is about breaking through the "doors of perception"- what you see and think to be real, and what really is real- to the "other side", the side of life and everything you've never seen before. This means different things to different people. The gateway could be sex, drugs, or music, or just a personal revelation you have, but at some point in our lives, we have to "break on through to the other side" and find our own version of the truth in life.

Dernière édition: 3 Juin DearPrudence a dit:. Voilà une aficionada des Doors m'enfin, surtout la musique je dois bien l'avouer. Bon, je savais pas qu'il fallait essayer de comprendre ce qu'ils racontaient, moi.

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Mais cela pourrait peut-être vous intéresser. Et maintenant un passage de Wiki:.

Doors lyrics riders on the storm meaning

Moi, il est trop tard pour que j'essaie de mettre tout ça ensemble mais si vous y arrivez Moi j'aimerais savoir si ça veux dire en français: passer de l'autre côté?

Add your thoughts 6 Comments. General Comment this song is awesome dasquien! No Replies Log in to reply. There was an error. General Comment This song was written mainly by Roger Glover.

Break on through to the other side

Him and Ian Paice both have similar hobbies and intrests. One day Paice asked what his star sign was and he didn't know, but as Paice was a Leo and because of their similarities he said "Maybe I'm a leo". The laid back rock feel also comes from their lifestyle, which was far from the intensity coming from the other band members.

General Comment wow this needs more comments, great main riff, great lyrics, great guitar solo. General Comment As to the meaning of the lyrics I believe it is about a woman I doubt I am breaking any ground here.

The lyrics must be examined closely to get the full story. It seems as if the narrator is coming back to wherever he lives and is greeted by a "big surprise". He says that he can only sees open skies which would imply that your world has been taken away which shows us how much this woman meant to him.

The next line is odd because it blames a third party: "they've taken her away". This makes me think the fight they may have had got a little too heated and either the police or maybe her friends took her away from the narrator. The next two verses make it clear that the narrator blames himself for her being gone and it is apparent how badly he wants her back. Une autorité quelconque qui vous enchaîne?

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