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We're all on our own journey, from the first born to the late bloomer, learning and growing at our own pace. See you there! For anyone planning on going tonight to the Holiday Inn for the Behind the Melody TV show, it has been cancelled and will be rescheduled. Make your way to the Holiday Inn Downtown Saskatoon at 7pm, be in the audience and hear the stories behind the songs. Tomorrow be in our audience at Holiday Inn Saskatoon Downtown 7pm to watch our guests perform on our show!!

Since winter has decided to take up residence by throwing us under a blanket of snow, I thought I'd release a lyric video for my latest tune Sprout. Rolled into Edmonton on Friday and had supper with a few friends. Then later had a great co-write with Justin Sutton from North of What an amazing venue!

Packed house and incredibly friendly atmosphere. First time playing there and hopefully not the last! Saturday night, I was able to reconnect with my Global Country Canada family at their Fall Dance and perform a few tunes too. Both my mother and I had taken so much footage that it was tough to decide what was going to make the cut.

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Mike Rimbaud Press book www. He has recorded 11 albums including an album of covers and a compilation. Mike has been compared to Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello and Gene Vincent among others, but his songwriting style and voice have always been unique. Mike Rimbaud is also a painter who regularly exhibits his artwork.

His subject mater includes subway scenes, cityscapes, dinosaurs, portraits of revolutionaries, burlesque and belly dancers. For more info please visit his site; www. Where White has drawn on janglerock, Americana, chamber pop and most recently, an artsy glam sound, Rimbaud looks back to new wave and punk, but also to reggae, and jazz, and Phil Ochs.

Cover is eight bucks. The album title alone is intriguing. Is it a pipe dream to think that we could create a world that improves on the current paradigm of speculators taking their profits private and passing all their losses off to an increasingly destitute public? Poverty Is a Thief, a Gil Scott-Heron-inspired duet with soul singer Danni Gee, makes the connection between the credit trap and the prison-industrial complex.

Another winner from a guy who refuses to quit. He is truly an Enigma and his name is Mike Rimbaud. If you know this city, you probably already know him, perhaps even intimately. For those of you who may not have had the pleasure as of yet or perhaps just arrived to this great city I can tell you that his tone is really sultry and sexy, and that applies to him speaking and singing.

SET: Mike, you have an almost underground cult fol- lowing here in the city. SET: smiles I love that about all of your stuff. And for those who may have missed it, you did an amazing job of exactly that, in one of my personal faves The Ballad of Anthony Weiner. MIKE: smiles Everyone should come out.

Can you tell every- one what inspired the name for your new album? The other interpretation, which is more literal, is to smoke or inhale your dream. However, smiles smoke eventually dissipates like a dream in the morning. So, I re- ally like the ambiguity.

What vo- calist would you love to hear do a cover of a Mike Rimbaud original and which song would you pick for him or her to do? MIKE: smiling Great question. SET: chuckle You never cease to amaze me. I gotta say fantastic picks and pause way to change it up. SET: Before I let you go.

What is the one thing you want everyone to know about your music? MIKE: My music will open your mind and touch your soul, if you let it in Cheers Mike!! Rimbaud has listened deeply and widely; his thinly veiled references to other songs, especially from the Rolling Stones, are cruelly spot-on.

Rimbaud plays all the guitars as well as banjo, backed by tersely tuneful bassist Chris Fletcher and excellent drummer Kevin Tooley, with occasional keyboards from Marc Billon. Image by image, Rimbaud portrays a city and a world on the brink, reeling from natural disasters, terminally distracted by the vapidity of status-grubbing and social media, the luxury of the corporate elite juxtaposed against crushing poverty and despair.

Ultimately, this album is a call to action and revolution — and also one of the best of by a Broadway mile. The classic cut here is Jackhammer Jones. Rimbaud revisits that theme a little later with the nonchalantly brooding, Indian-flavored Learning More About Less. Now bring on the revolution.

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The next track, Everybody Needs a Daddy sounds sus- piciously sarcastic as well, especially with the Simp- sons and Darth Vader references — could it be a jab at the Bloomberg nanny-state patriarchy?

Here Comes the Subway Sun could be a tribute to the joys of tripping on the train; Mamma Say Some- thing Nice follows in a brooding blue-eyed soul vein, like something Parker might have done in the late 70s. The album really heats up at this point. Puppet Man, with its soul organ groove, is packed with more politi- cally-charged sarcasm.

The last track, Unicorn, is the most retro 80s of all the songs here — with its goth tinges and synthesizer, it sounds like an outtake from a previous session that might have been tacked on here to end the album on a more upbeat note. Which can be tricky.