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Freedom to have more time with my daughter who is 7 years old enjoyed it as well. Muito boa. Eles co feriram meus dados cadastrados, buscaram nos meios possíveis antecedentes criminais e após fui aprovado. Adjustments need to be made technology wise as well as communicable for both parties to make a more soin du visage lyon 6 2014 satisfactory work environment.

I liked the overall experience for the most part,being able to be my own boss in a sense. How ever the downside dealt with not being compensated for systemic errors and app issues. Communication is also a large factor that plays in customer satisfaction and overall business success,lack there of affects the business on a whole.

Really cool job. Work at your own pace and schedule. Really relaxed job. Perfect for a part time job just to make extra cash. Room for growth is totally up to the driver. Empresa muito boa se de trabalhar. Infelizmente a Uber deixou a desejar em questões de promoções aos motoristas, muita concorrência e pouco reconhecimento. Great Atmosphere. Great little gig if you know how to use it to your advantage. I don't know how they would apply the benfits at and hourly rate. I just know I drove anytime I wanted or was available to.

Plus hourly would raise prices for customers. Just my suggestion. I think it was a news hoax to tell the truth. Idependtend Contractor is self explanatory. Fun and fast paced. The job is easy. All you really have to do is just communicate clearly with your passengers. You also have to read them well enough to make sure that they are wanting to engage in conversations or not.

Fun and different experience. I have worked for Uber 4 years and it was lovely to work with such company. Learnt many things from customers and colleagues. I want to try something different now.

I love Uber. I enjoy making money quickly meeting new people and being my own boss. I enjoy working on my own schedule. I like making people happy and keeping others safe.

Working with Uber was decent. Working with Uber was ok because you your own bus and you work at your on time and make as much money as you can however it is a lot easier doing delivery on cars. I like working there because they what nobody babrii me I can leave any time we come to work any And the people that doubt would discuss new service was very professional at then have no problem working at over. Cheating drivers on real money taken from passengers, raising up voice against it deactivates app.

Driver had to make three requests before excessive charge was refunded to passenger in three instalments. Create good and enjoyable atmosphere.

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Was a fun meeting with different cultures and making interraction, getting points of views whiles you providing good reception to them as well. Making money whiles you helping someone to travel.

Pros and con's. Flexible, own boss own schedule.

Love meeting people. Hardest part of job is when the app doesn't work. Most enjoyable part of the job is the freedom and meeting the customers.

Environement agréable. C'est une bonne métier que grâce à elle j'ai découverte le grand Montréal. Best company. I like the fact that you get to talk to alot of people and talk about diffrent issues and you learn new things.

Great for monetising free time. This depends on your work ethic and physical capacity. Must stay physically fit and be able to discipline yourself to do this job. L'autonomie offerte est géniale.

Être son propre patron et travailler quand l'on veut est un réel avantage. Driver performer Uber X, Pool, Selects! Had 4. Driven people. Receives average 20 positive comments per month a zero negative comments. Drove everywhere in southern Ontario, meet lots of great people, great places with beautiful landscapes and designes.

I learned quit a bit about the city and its history as well the streets and short cuts. It's nice to make your own hours and be your own boss. Job security, self employment, no benifits, taxes, use own car and pay all expenses.

Is this really a job? Think again: I have been driving Uber over the past two months. Bear in mind you still need to pay income taxes at year-end. Sophisticated system of commute. Excellent experience. Providing best services to riders and getting chance to interact with different people. Any one can make money with easy terms and conditions of Uber. Too many Uber drivers on the road, not enough surge pricing to make decent living.

Income comes out to a little over minimum wage after expenses. Flexible schedule is the only attractive aspect. Good, in general it has been a very good experience working with Uber, the environment is very relaxed, and also flexibility is very a very big advantage.

Recommended to people that drive uber as a secondary income.