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Note this is an interpretation and it doesn't claim to match the unexpressed intent of authors. Geralt didn't really know her, and came because town people accused her presumably for murder.

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He wasn't fully convinced that she was guilty, that's why he approached her first calmly. She was singing a vampire lullaby a song which vampires would sing to their children [3]describing witchers as monsters from her childhood, those who hunt her kind for coin.

It's hinted by the scene when she finds a doll. When Geralt confronted her, she provoked him out of spite, and he took that as an admission of guilt. They fought each other perceiving the other as a monster.

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In the end Geralt wanted to take the trophy as a proof in order to get paid by the town people, but collapsed seeing her transforming back to human form and suffering in agony because of Black Blood poison. When Geralt awoke, he realized that he didn't have enough evidence of her guilt and was horrified by what he did. That's why he didn't take the trophy and botox pode causar cancer away in a rush [4].

The song in the end stresses that point by saying that "witcher will eat you whole", hinting to Geralt's own darker side taking him over, again asking the question "who is the real monster"? Interpretation regarding the vampire lullaby and ambiguity of the story were also confirmed by the project director:. High resolution video is also available here. The trailer teaser released earlier has a hidden message at s:. After 3 long years The Witcher: Wild Hunt is finally ready to go.

The reviews are already out and the reception is amazing. We can't wait to hand our baby over to you. It is a very important milestone for all of us here. We went from 50 people in the first Witcher to over creating a massive world of Wild Hunt. It's a grand scale now, but the nuance and soul of the series is intact.

We won't have it any other way. This is one for the fans who supported us all this time Those who cheered for a different kind of fantasy.

The rides can get enough wiki

One that's dark unsettling and personal. Here's something to sweeten these last days of waiting Here's "A Night to Remember," A short, spoiler free cinematic. Régis ferma son sac, déplia son manteau. Ah, encore une chose.

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Correct Translation: Wrongfully he complains of the sea he who is not eager to go back to it.

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In this case, the meaning is also wrong due to the translation being wrong. Correct Translation: The tree is known by its fruits. Correct Meaning: Same as "À l'oeuvre, on reconnait l'artisan" The craftsman by his work is known.

And that's only for the As, ignoring a few smaller mistakes which do not alter the meaning of the translation and one which is there twice.

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What do more experimented members believe? Should I go ahead with changing those translations?

If you know that you don't know the language then it would behoove you to refrain from posting made up stuff. Competence is required.