Rides are scary reddit

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Rides are scary reddit

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Planet Coaster - Spooky Pack

Peptide Repair Rescue. Hyaluronic Moisture Kick. Collagen Volume Boost. Keratin Smooth Perfect. In a statement Monday, the Nigerian military denied a report in local media that hundreds of soldiers had gone missing.

Texas Chukwu, director of public relations for the army. Also, all the troops in the base were accounted for contrary to the report. On Wednesday, Chukwu issued a second statement saying that Nigeria's chief of army staff had visited the area in the preceding 48 hours to assess the situation.

He urged the media to "be very cautious when reporting some of these developments that have national security implications. The outpost in Yobe State near the border between Niger and Nigeria was established to stop the flow of terrorists, mainly Boko Haram, through the Lake Chad Basin area.

Nigeria requested help from the U. In a statement, a spokesperson for U. The U. The attack came one day after an attack against a Nigerian military convoy in neighboring Borno State.

Eleven military vehicles were attacked by Boko Haram fighters. Three vehicles made it out of the firefight and 23 Nigerian troops are still missing. Text size Aa Aa. A map showing the location of Jilli, Nigeria. Bing Maps.