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We wanted to offer everyone the chance to experience what we had growing up in the horse wor … ld. As a kid, my parents ran several successful businesses training and selling horses. In later years, my father worked in the movies, training actors and their horses. As a family, we toured the rodeo circuit, trained horses for celebrities, and won awards for our paint and quarter horses.

As I got older, I realized awards weren't the path to real happiness. We settled down in Maize, and quickly got to work becoming one of the top stables in the area. We offer the full experience here.

Thus we tell the girls before they come that if they want "extra fresh foods" that is their responsibility, we provide basic fresh vegetables plus canned and fresh frozen, some of the frozen vegetable are from are garden and they are not processed at all. Water at the ranch is from a drilled well, it is not "city water that comes highly processed from a plant.

The girls drank very good water from our other well in the ranch yard. She was only a few days alone and then she had 2 nice girls who shared the house with her. We have a lot of girls come that are "happy to help out with everything" and they blend right into the rhythms of life on the ranch and love every minute they are here! Laissé par le workawayer Juliane pour l'hôte. I guess it is not the best time to be at that place, as everything is still recovering from winter, the kind of work is cleaning, washing and tidying up and there is not much horseback riding Diane took us out on a ride once.

Kid rides outside stores

For the first days I was the only worker and you can get … read more quite lonely there without a friend, because you live in the staff house and have meals together with the others just now and then when there are no guests. The food that is provided is fine for people that love processed and canned food, but it is quite hard to make a proper meal out of it, if you like to cook fresh meals.

The water in the cottage is smelly and presumably not drinkable, but you will get used to the smell. Laissé par le workawayer Lisa pour l'hôte.

I loved my month at Bear and Diane's ranch. They are very kind and inspired people who deeply care for their horses, dogs and cats. I learned very much about life at a ranch and all that comes with it!

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Having a background in English riding, the deeper connection and … read more understanding for them here totally opened up my eyes and brought back a passion stronger than it has ever been. Thanks for all the great memories! Fantastic place Y'all! Vous pouvez seulement contacter les workawayers avec une adhésion active.

Laissé par le workawayer Gabbi pour l'hôte. I spent a month staying with Diane and Bear on the ranch, and was so sad to leave. There are certainly a lot of tasks to do during the summer camps, and the other Workaway girls and I were definitely kept on our toes Monday to Friday! However, I enjoyed every moment spent with the herd of 52 horses, and due to my previous horse experience I was … read more given the opportunity to teach girls and lead riding groups during the camps, which is definitely where my interest lies.

I learned a lot, and hopefully passed on some knowledge too! Diane and Bear have high expectations, but if you are willing to work hard and take on board their methods the ranch is an incredibly rewarding place to stay. They are generous and interesting people, with many stories to share about both their horses' lives and their own experiences.

It isn't a prerequisite for Workawayers to like Heartland, but it certainly helped me feel at home There is also plenty of opportunity to ride in the summer, and we enjoyed many beautiful and relaxing evening trail rides often bareback.

I enjoyed helping with some of the less experienced trail horses, and also particularly loved riding cheeky Buffy, who was my 'joy' horse, and Whiskey, who helped me lead groups on the trails.

I would advise investing in a local phone plan with plenty of data before arriving at the ranch, and making sure to have at least the essentials with you in your case, as it is very rural and those without their own car are reliant on the generosity of others to get to Rocky Mountain House c15 mins' drive and Red Deer c1 hour for WiFi and shopping.

Both Diane and Bear kindly drove groups of us to town at weekends, but this is not always possible for them as they are often busy on the ranch. The most wonderful part of my trip was getting to know such lovely new people and horses, and immersing myself in ranch life whilst exploring the beautiful scenery of Alberta. I hope I've made many lifelong friends, and I know I'll have to visit again - Buffy and Whiskey just wouldn't fit in my suitcase!

Laissé par le workawayer Anneke pour l'hôte. I had a great time at the Ranch! They live in a beautiful area and have created an incredible space. We worked for about hours a day 6 days a week, we did gardening, fencing, painting and anything else that had to be done! The work was usually fun and we got plenty of breaks! Diane took us for rides in the evening, cooked tasty dinners and … read more baked some delicious pie!

We got to see 2 Rodeos and had lots of fun. I enjoyed my time at the ranch so much that I extended my stay for another week. Thank you for making me feel so welcome!! Laissé par le workawayer Ally pour l'hôte. This Ranch was my first work away experience and I stayed at the Ranch for 8 weeks.

Diane and Bear were great hosts and shared alot of their wisdom and knowledge with me. The experience is not only good for your horsemanship skills but also everyday life skills. Diane really encouraged us to think outside of the box and see the bigger … read more picture. It's a very busy place in the summer months during the camps.

It will keep you on your toes but also give you plenty of enjoyment if you apply yourself. I was fortunate enough to be working with the horses majority of the time, as that's where my passion lies. Their horses were a pleasure to work with and I will never forget the bond I formed with Beautiful Cooper.

While staying at the Ranch I purchased a car. This made it much easier for us girls to get out and about on our day off. There can be quite a number of workawayers staying at the Ranch at one time. I have been fortunate enough to meet some amazing girls who will definitely be life long friends. So many wonderful memories with all the girls. Thank you Diane and Bear for giving me the opportunity to be part of the family.

I spent two months at Diane and Bears ranch this summer and it was a truly amazing experience. It was incredible to get to experience horses in a more natural setting and i learned so much about horsemanship during my stay.

The herd is filled with amazing horses, all with their own unique personalities, I miss them all a lot! The other work … read more away girls were amazing as Anna said in the comment below, we will be lifelong friends! The camps could be hard work but it was amazing to get to watch the kids develop their connection with the horses and i was lucky to get to experience some of the magical effects horses can have on children.

Overall, it was a really incredible two moths. I would really advise it to anyone with an interest in horses and learning about western culture! I had an amazing stay, thank you guys so much!!! Laissé par le workawayer Anna pour l'hôte. I stayed for six weeks at Diane's and Bear, and had a very good time for my first workaway experience! The best part was the other workaway girls, we had a blast together, and I made lifelong friends : There is a lot of hard work that goes into the camps, and it can be quite stressful, but it's also great fun to see the kids grow around the … read more horses and go from sometimes scared beginners to confident riders.

Diane and Bear have created a truly great place for horses - sadly, there is not a lot of places like this, where the horses are so content and happy to be. I will miss the cheeky, bright-eyed herd - it is truly a sight to see them running around the fields! If you have the opportunity, I would advise to have a car handy we rented a car from Rocky Mountain House to go on day trips as there isn't a lot of opportunity to get off the ranch during the peak summer season.

The ranch has a lot to offer, and if you're interested in horses, you will learn a lot about them. Diane, Bear, thank you for having me and for broadening my views on horses and horsemanship, making me question things I wouldn't have before! Karolin was an excellent helper while she stayed with us. She worked with some problem horses and brought them forward into better riding horses.

She would be a great help if you have horses that need training and miles of riding. Very adaptable and thorough, did a great job when asked to do a variety of ranch tasks. She helped out with our girls … read more riding camps and supervised girls ages 9 - 15 - had excellent rapport with the kids.

We would love to have her join us again anytime! Laissé par le workawayer Karolin pour l'hôte. I had a really great time at Diana and Bears place.

They are awesome people and I felt welcome and home. I did different work every day and I also got to work a lot with the horses and could learn quit a bit about horsemanship. I am going to miss your place and if I ever visited Canada again I will come to your Ranch.

Laissé par le workawayer Wiebke pour l'hôte. Diane and Bear are great hosts and quite inspiring and passionate horse-people. I surrounded myself with horses fairly often before, but they opened up a completely new approach of working with these impressive animals to me and I learned a lot.

My stay just lasted for 1 week, my job was to supervise teenage girls during the New Year's Horse … read more Camp, but I really enjoyed the time.

You're aware of the remoteness, you love caring for animals and can work independently? This is the right place for you! It'll be a truly unique, unusual experience and makes you think out of the box. Thank you very much for everything! Tamara and Melanie were a great help during their stay with us. At the end of our camp season there is a lot of boring "clean up work" and they did this very well and cheerfully. They did a lot of different jobs: cleaning cabins, helping with meals, lots of dish washing, horse chores, general fall clean up jobs like putting away tents, equipment … read more and more They helped with some of the trail rides and were a great asset in everything we asked them to do.

We would take them back anytime!

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They were generous and kind and you could tell that they loved their animals dearly. We came in a time of year were we couldn't work in the camp so we organised and cleaned up. We also had to care for a few horses which weren't able to go out on the field with the herd.

All in all it was a lot of fun and, as … read more completely newcomers to the world of horses, we learned a lot. We could even go on trail rides through their gorgeous piece of land. It was an excellent experience and we would definitely like to visit again. Also, thank you for introducing us to Heartland! Laissé par le workawayer Anneleis pour l'hôte. First time doing workaway and western riding.

I arrived end of Oct so alot of it was maintence work and getting ready for winter- we got to be around the horses alot and go for rides. They cooked most nights and if they didnt it was a nice break to eat at … read more home anyway. Definitely recommend checking this ranch out- i think in summer it would be even more awesome! Thanks for having me! Mariska was fantastic! She was a ready and willing helper in everything we asked her to do. She is good with horses and had a chance to improve her skills.

We did a lot of fencing, trail clean up, building, painting as well as all the horse work. She very quickly became the supervisor because her organizational skills are top notch. Mariska is … read more easy going, friendly and was a pleasure to have at our ranch. We'd take her back in a heartbeat. Laissé par le workawayer Griselda pour l'hôte.

This is such an incredible place, it's hard to put it into words, but I had the time of my life here. I learnt a lot about energy work and join up - really developing the connection with the horse, western riding and barrel racing. We spent so much time with the horses and I got to ride almost every day. It was hard work at times especially when … read more the kids were there but it was definitely worth it seeing the girls enjoying themselves and developing that bond with their horse.

Bear and Diane were such kind hosts and I want to thank them for making my time there so amazing! I miss all the herd, especially Shaman who I fell in love with! I made some great friends whilst I was there and I'll never forget what an incredible time I had. Thank you! Laissé par le workawayer Emmanuelle pour l'hôte. We really enjoyed our stay at this ranch! Diane and Bear have a wonderful herd of horses, it was a pleasure to ride them and work with them!

They are very open minded people, that trusted us so quickly. Most of our job was around the horses, feeding them, taking care of them, doing some groundwork, riding outside, and loving them! It's really fun … read more to help around during the camps, the girls are amazing there and the food as well, Diane and Bear are great cooks!

We maigrir sans regime ni medicaments miss the herd, especially Ringo Cocoa Tinker and Beamer! Thanks for everything Diane, and Thanks to the cheeky Brits who made our stay memorable!

Laissé par le workawayer Mette pour l'hôte. I stayed at this ranch for 4 weeks and it is a really nice place. We did a lot of different kind of work and it changed from day to day. We made the trails ready for the summer camps, cleaned the cabins, trained and groomed the horses, painted, and worked a lot in the forests around the property.

Diane and Bear are really nice people and I enjoyed … read more staying with the other girls at the ranch :- We usually worked hours a day, mostly outside, and we worked inside if the weather was bad.

A nice place that I would recommend, especially if you like working outside and like working with horses Laissé par le workawayer Anouk pour l'hôte.

I spent five weeks on Bear and Diane's ranch and I loved every second of it! They have an amazing herd which I still miss very much!!! Especially Rio : They are really great hosts and wonderful people. I got along with everyone who was working there and I made really good friends!

I really enjoyed working with horses and kids every day. I … read more also want to take this feedback as an opportunity to thank Diane and Bear for having me at their ranch!

I experienced so many awesome things and I hope that I get to visit the ranch and the horses again some day :. Jessica was a terrific addition to our family. She is a very confident rider so she helped out with a lot of the "green broke' horses who needed extra work.

She also did a lot of work with one of our geldings who got very sick and was down for 4 weeks. She helped changing bandages, putting on ice packs, helping to roll him over and prop him up, … read more encouraging him to eat when he was very low, thanks to Jess and a few other girls who helped give Gus energy he survived and is trotting around the field today : Thank-you Jess for all your love and compassion!

She was also one of our group leaders for the riding camps and taught a lot of girls to love horses even more We hope she will come back and visit again! Laissé par le workawayer Jessica pour l'hôte. I had such a great five weeks staying with Diane and Bear on their ranch, all of the other workaway girls were great fun to spend time with and everyone worked together as an amazing team throughout the camps.

During the week it was very rewarding to see the camp girls improving their riding skills and increasing in confidence whilst creating … read more great bonds with their horse. I also loved being able to ride in the evenings and weekends on some of the more green horses or anyone who needed work.

This is definitely a great place to come if you love horses and kids and you're prepared to put in a lot of work. Thank you Bear and Diane for such a great summer, I'd love to come back some time! Jen was a great addition to our family. She helped out with a variety of tasks, always cheerful and willing to help. She was in charge of doing stretches for some of the horses that required extra work to get them back in shape and it was nice to know that she willing did that every day without being reminded.

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