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The ruby and alexandrite laser systems resulted in the majority of side effects seen.

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The effects of seasonal variations, anatomic treatment location, and sun exposure were striking within the ruby and alexandrite laser groups. No infections, scarring, or long-term complications occurred. Conclusion: Laser-assisted hair removal is a safe procedure when patient characteristics such as skin type, anatomic location, and sun-exposed or tanned skin are considered during selection of laser treatment parameters.

Lasers emitting wavelengths with high melanin absorption capabilities should be used in a conservative manner when treating patients with dark skin phototypes or suntans.

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No long-term complications, infections, or scarring occurred in this study population. J Am Acad Dermatol ; Español Italiano English. Article précédent Loss of heterozygosity in human skin Rudolf Happle. Archives Sommaire. Sumian a,bFranck B. Pitre, Béatrice E. Gauthier, Martine Bouclier, Serge R.

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Patients with dark colored skin Fitzpatrick IV and V can be treated effectively with comparable morbidity to those with lighter colored skin. Although there is no obvious advantage of one laser system over another in terms of treatment outcome except the Nd:YAG laser, which is found to be less efficacious, but more suited to patients with darker colored skinlaser parameters may be important when choosing the ideal laser for a patient.

Adverse effects reported after laser-assisted hair removal include erythema and perifollicular edema, which are common, and crusting and vesiculation of treatment site, hypopigmentation and hyperpigmentation depending on skin color and other factors.

Most complications are generally temporary. The occurrence of hypopigmentation after laser irradiation is thought to be related to the suppression of melanogenesis in the epidermis which is reversiblerather than the destruction of melanocytes.

Methods to reduce the incidence of adverse effects include lightening of the skin and sun avoidance prior to laser treatment, cooling of the skin during treatment, and sun avoidance and protection after treatment. Proper patient selection and tailoring of the fluence used to the patient's skin type remain the most important factors in efficacious and well tolerated laser treatment.

While it is generally believed that hair follicles are more responsive to treatment while they are in the growing anagen phase, conflicting results have also been reported. There is also no consensus on the most favorable treatment sites.

Inflammation of the follicles is a normal side effect. It should resolve in the next few days. You can apply a topical steroid cream for the irritation or itching. This is perfectly normal, due to swelling from the follicles that are "burned" by the laser, which is the desirable endpoint.

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