Garmin edge 510 ride with gps

Not useful for most, you most likely want a GPX Track. Ride this route frequently?

GPS Edge 510 de Garmin

Select the ride or a section of it in the elevation profile and create a segment to compare your ride performance against yourself and others. Estimated Time shows a prediction of how long it would take you to ride a given route. This number is based on your recent riding history, and represents an estimate of moving time. Each time you upload a new ride, your Estimated Time profile will adjust to reflect your most recent riding.

Only rides exceeding 10 miles 16 km will affect these estimates. Our Basic members have unrestricted access to everything we offer in our mobile apps.

Learn more by visiting our Compare Plans page. Sign In. But, if you'd still rather sign-up without it, no problem. Just tell us a little about yourself:. Click here to read them. Rock solid GPS logging, helpful navigation, live logging and more are all available when you install our app. Log In. Sign Up. Signup Now. You must be logged in to comment Reduce to points for older devices. Include POI as waypoints? Include cues as waypoints?

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Warning: can clutter your GPS with extra points. Dessert regime avec pommes to points. Print Cue Sheet. What is Estimated Time? Go Basic Our Basic members have unrestricted access to everything we offer in our mobile apps. Upgrade now. Une personne a trouvé cela utile. Meilleure commentaire critique. I bought the Garmin Edge for my husband for Christmas because it syncs with Strava.

It was great while it worked BUT it only worked for 4 rides before it read "software missing". I was told it was a very rare incident but in fact if you go to instagram you'll see a LOT of cyclists posting about their Garmin failing.

I had to mail mine in for repair. I was told it couldn't be repaired and that they would be shipping me a new one. It has been backordered for 3 weeks and still no Garmin. Christmas gift fail! So disappointing to give a gift that fails immediately and then have to wait a month and still not have a replacement. Trier par. Meilleures cotes Le plus récent Meilleures cotes. Filtrer par. Tous les commentaires Achats vérifiés seulement Tous les commentaires Toutes les étoiles 5 étoiles seulement 4 étoiles seulement 3 étoiles seulement 2 étoiles seulement 1 étoile seulement Toutes les positives Tous critiques Toutes les étoiles Tous les formats Style Name: Team Garmin Bundle Package Type: Standard Packaging Tous les formats Texte, image, vidéo Commentaires sur les images et les vidéos seulement Texte, image, vidéo.

Affichage de sur 8 commentaires. Un problème s'est produit lors du filtrage des commentaires. Veuillez réessayer plus tard. Traduire tous les commentaires en français. Traduire review en Français. Affichage de 0 commentaires. Trier par: Le plus récent Le plus ancien. Works like a charm.

Was a bit complicated to set up at first but once it was done it worked beautifully. Having real-time data during the ride is really fun. The only downside is that it was a bit expensive. Once you get them dialed in they're great. We'll see how the touch screen works but pretty happy regardless. Shipping and purchase was seamless. This is a great little bike computer. There are a multitude of sensors that can be coupled with it. I have Shimano Di2 mechatronic gear system with D-fly Transmitter.

The pairs with it and displays gear configuration and battery life of system. The regularly uploads the data via iPhone and Garmin connect app to Garmin site where I can log in and review data and stats, etc. You can create your own profiles and customize screens to display whatever information you want. I love the Garmin connect app because it combines all data from any other Garmin devices.

I happen to also have the Vivo-smart fitness tracker band and so can see the combined calories expended, distances walked and cycled all in one place. Everything feels awkward: size, buttons, screens.

New galaxy edge rides

Wouldn't talk with my Wahoo Kickr. Ended up returning it after a week. Exactly what expected from a garmin product.

The only issue I had expected yet was the syncing issue with garmin connect - garmin has to enhance the site and fix the bugs. This is not related to this product - You can you Strava that is way better than garmin connect.

It's important to base your buying decision on the latest reviews as Garmin recently came out with a huge update for the current Edge models in December The Edge has now inherited quite a few features from its higher-end brethren making it an excellent training companion. I can only imagine future updates will focus on fine-tuning some of the new functionality from this update. More importantly, although you're paying far more for it, this unit "just works" or it least it has for me in the few days I've been playing with it.

I have spent the last week and many hours examining exactly how to best exploit the to maximize its potential and I'll share a few tricks that I've learnt: -Pair it with your phone but disable BT during the ride unless you need Live Tracking. Connected features are a convenience that I have little desire to sacrifice battery life for.