Excessive sweating after botox injection

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Excessive sweating after botox injection

Sweating, especially underarm sweating is an embarrassing condition faced by a large percentage of the planet. This can be attributed to genetics or even the food we eat. Do not despair, however, as there are natural cures for the treatment of excessive sweating. Here are a few simple ways to reduce excessive sweating. Natural cures for sweating Baking soda- Baking soda helps to absorb perspiration so following this simple plan will reduce excessive underarm sweating.

Take a shower and shave underarm area. After the shower and shave, run cold water under the armpits to close the pores.

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Dry the area properly and apply a light dusting of baking soda under the armpits. Change eating habits- Eat a diet of foods that help to reduce perspiration. These foods include foods that are high in fibre such as whole grains, wheat, soy and leafy greens like spinach.

Avoid processed foods and high sugar foods like sodas and sugary cereals and foods with a high concentration of hydrogenated oil. These foods increase perspiration and produce incidents of heavy sweating. Being the cause of discomfort and inconvenience for both Men and Women, this affection is very often under-estimated and can be very embarrassing. Until now, this issue was inadequately handled in terms of medical care….

Sweating is simply eradicated from your everyday life, in a durable way.


Our patients beneficiate form durable, permanent results, drastically reducing sweat, after one single treatment session for most patients. Most severe cases can potentially receive two treatment sessions.

Retrouver toutes nos fiches techniques sur les différentes pathologies, techniques, traitements Tattoo Removal. Laser Depilation. Ethnic skins. Body contouring. Botulinic Toxin Botox was eventually an alternative but needs to be performed regularly because of its non-lasting effect on the treated area. He then did a series of small injections under each armpit.

To be honest, although I considered myself sensitive, this hardly hurt. A couple of nippy spots, but the needle is so thin you generally hardly feel a thing. And it only takes three minutes on each side!


Next thing, a true small miracle! Nothing, no perspiration, no sweat halos, no unpleasant smell.

Excessive sweating after botox injection

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