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Both men and women are equally susceptible to dark spots. How can I prevent dark spots?

Because dark spots are caused by the sun, if you continue to stay in the sun without protection, you will develop new spots and your current spots will become darker. It is therefore crucial that you protect yourself from the sun: apply sunscreen often, wear a hat and long clothes, and avoid being in the sun from 10 a.

It is also important for your health.


When a dark spot appears, if it has an irregular border, is asymmetrical and varies in color, see a doctor right away; it could be melanoma skin cancer. How can I make dark spots disappear? The appearance of dark spots is irreversible. They can be slightly minimized; however, they will appear darker if you go out into the sun. Thankfully, although it is impossible to make them completely disappear, you can make them paler.

Laser or liquid nitrogen treatments work fairly well, but the spots can reappear even without exposure to the sun.


These treatments also come with risks and disadvantages. Emu oil: a great solution for dark spots For an effective, natural solution to treat dark spots, try emu oil. Like laser or liquid nitrogen treatments, emu oil makes dark spots appear lighter thanks to its desensitizing properties.

However, unlike laser or liquid nitrogen treatments, emu oil does not entail any risks. A small drop on each spot, applied day and night, can render impressive results! Emu oil moisturizing soap. Eve Lom believes flawlessly clean and gently exfoliated skin creates the perfect canvas for skin care to perform.

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