Caries worldwide

[Salt fluoridation and dental caries: state of the question].

Results: After a literature search, 22 references were selected reporting data on the preventive effect of salt fluoridation programmes in Europe Hungary, Switzerland, France, Germany and South and Central America Colombia, Mexico, Jamaica Data were mainly obtained from descriptive or retrospective epidemiological studies.

The results indicate that, in the absence of topical fluoride support, salt fluoridation leads to a significant reduction in caries indexes among treated children compared to a control group. In a context of widespread use of fluoridated toothpastes, the additional effect achieved by salt fluoridation is limited. The prevalence of fluorosis is not markedly increased with fluoridated salt, but side effects were not always evaluated.

Como disfarçar uma carie no dente da frente

Early childhood caries ECC is a common childhood disease with highest prevalence found in poor, socially disadvantaged, and minority groups.

The main risk factors for ECC are frequent sugar consumption, lack of tooth brushing, and enamel hypoplasia. Contributory factors include environmental and psychosocial stresses that modify caregiver behaviors. Strategies for prevention include preventing mutans streptococci transmission, restricting dietary sugars, tooth brushing, topical fluoride applications, and early dental examinations. This article provides an overview of ECC based on current understanding of its cause, prevention, and management.

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