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Last Botox treatment must be 90 days or more from our scheduled treatment. Limit one offer per person. You may also combine with Brilliant Distinctions Rewards. However, it may take up to 72 hours for the gift card to activate. Please reach out if I can help with anything! Cannot be combined with other Allergan promotions.

I am very grateful to have spent time with this genius in London last week! This is Dr. Raj Acquilla, ranked 3 in the world! I trained with him at an Allergan Master's Course in Denver over the summer, and just got back from the United Kingdom where I spent four, one-on-one days training with him. He is a wealth of knowledge and does immaculate work.

I cannot wait to share my beautiful new techniques with you all! You can win by: 1. While supplies last! Please reach out if any questions! The winners will be notified via phone or email. If you are one of the lucky winners, you will need to respond within 3 days of your notification.

Please reach out if I can help! We used 1 syringe of Voluma for a little freshen up!

Those lines have been creased for a while, and will continue to soften over the next weeks. While supplies last. Offer valid now through August 30, Exclusions may apply. Terms subject to change. I just got a few more of these to give away! Macrolane VRF 30 contains biocompatible hyaluronic acid which is naturally broken down biodegradable by the body.

The clear gel is pure and stable with no animal derivatives. Swelling and minor pain are the most common side effects experienced at the site of injection. Rare perioperative infections within one breast is also another effect, where symptoms include tender pain and redness. Antibiotics are usually prescribed to inhibit this risk and an assessment is usually carried out before any treatment to see if the patient has any existing skin infections. Capsule contraction around an implant can also occur, whereby the breasts will need to be compressed by hand by the Physician, which results in softer breasts.

Other options are to burst thr capsule or use gel alternatives. Welcome, a reliable and convenient way for clinics, healthcare professionals and wholesalers to purchase skin fillers, orthopedics and all other medical devices from a trusted source at a competitive price.

Providing on 3 European sites and with a global reach thanks to our superior logistics expertise, prides itself on its price, supply capabilities and service and as a result, we have a very loyal customer base and growing satisfied customers who are coming back to us repeatedly. We supply all major brand names, including Juverderm, Restylane, Radiesse, Teosyal, Surgiderm, Sculptra and many other products. If you can not see a product you are looking for, please email us and we will source it for you.

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