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This change will psychologically allow the client to leave a part of their daily life behind them. Putting a bathrobe and clean footwear on enables the client to enter into another world where rigorous hygiene does not sit with the dirtiness from outside. There is a dual physical and psychological benefit. Raisonner pratique et efficace en terme de flux et de circulations.

Pour la consultation préalable des services cités ci-dessus, faite vous assister de votre architecte, il a le même langage que les ser- vices concernés, et est parfaitement au courant des normes, il sera donc un interlocuteur de poids dans une argumentation, ou une justification des choix faits pour le Spa. We cannot emphasise just how vital space planning is, so take your time to go through the details of this stage as best you can.

Cross-check your choices with your business plan. Think practically and efficiently in terms of flow and circulation areas. This means you physically meet those in charge of your dossier, get their opi- nion on the plans, anticipate remarks and suggestions which they could make about such and such a point, and this always saves precious time when the dossier is being considered.

In any prior consultation with the services cited above, get assistance from your architect who speaks the same language as the services concer- ned, and knows the standards inside out. The architect will be a useful per- son in an argument, or in justifying the choices made for the Spa.

Remain calm and in case there are any sensitive issues, let the profes- sionals do the talking. The administrative services hate it when they are pressured to get a dossier through quickly. Opt for flexibility and a relaxed attitude instead. Cet espace offre un parcours respectant la philosophie du Spa, un parcours où tous les sens sont en éveil. Expli- quez-nous pourquoi. Le bain froid est surtout utilisé pour ses effets toniques et détoxifiants.

Il est généralement pris après avoir réchauffé le corps dans une ambiance plus chaude, un sauna, un hammam, ou tout simplement un bain plus chaud. Assurant sans aucun doute le retour du client. It gathers toge- ther activities that are dedicated to wellbeing, skin care, getting back in shape and detoxification, all based on an essential source: water. Water, in all shapes and forms, at different temperatures and various pressures. The sensorial space provides the benefits of all forms of water: liquid for baths, mist for showers, steam for the hammam, and solid for ice foun- tains.

Water is the main feature but colour, music, minerals, crystals, aro- mas, etc. This space provides a wellbeing pathway that perfectly fits the Spa philosophy, a pathway that awakens the senses to the present moment. With sophisticated and quality enhancements at each step of the voyage through the different areas, this experience is complete in itself and most of all, it enriches the Spa treatment and ritual offering.

It is ideal for recovering after intense exercise. Temperature regulation is an important aspect to consider when creating a Heat Experience. Can you explain why? The cold plunge is mostly used for its invigorating and detoxifying benefits. It is generally done when the body is warm, after a sauna, hammam or simply after a warm bath.

Only a short plunge in the cold water is required as it is, above all, the thermal contrast that is sought. The hot bath is used for its calming effects. The soothing heat is a remarkable relaxation tool for both body and mind. A pumping effect is created when alternating the use of hot and cold that increases blood circulation and therefore boosts toxin eli- mination.

What about space requirements for hoteliers who wish to implement a Heat Experience concept? T: A Heat Experience requires an area measuring a minimum of 70m2with an extra 10m2 for the control room.

This surface area includes the full range of water-based activities: multi-sensory pool with a 25m2 deck for relaxation, hammam, body scrub treatment room, shower experience, waterfall shower, cold plunge, ice fountain T: By creating a Heat Experience discovery package in the Spa menu with prices ranging from 35 to 49 Euros.

Once guests discover this special space, they will, wit- hout a doubt, want to further their Spa experience with additional treat- ment bookings. This space provides a wellbeing pathway that falls per- fectly in line with the Spa philosophy. Two aspects must be considered for the profitability of a Heat Experience concept: immediate return on investment with treatment packages and the durability of the income stream thanks to the level of quality of the structure.

Il est clair que suivant les zones, les températures doivent être dif- férentes afin que le niveau de confort soit égal partout. On touche là un point essentiel dans la notion de confort. La température ressentie donnera, ou non la sensation de bien- être. Tous ces équipements chauffage, rafraîchissement, ventilationpeuvent être imposants de par la taille des appareils, mais aussi et surtout de par les conduits et tuyauteries nécessaires au trans- fert des flux aérauliques et hydrauliques.

This technical part, which is invisible to clients, will be omnipresent as it manages the water distribution system, draining, heating, cooling, hy- grometry, ventilation, air renewal, the sound system, light, the olfactory ambience, the list goes on.

Of all of these areas, the first ones are so important that they deserve our utmost attention. Whatever equipment using water is chosen and there is a lot of it in a SPAthe water supply network, as well as the drainage, must be perfectly installed and calibrated. If there is an incorrectly positioned tap, or a sup- ply pipe with a section that is too narrow, then the connected equipment will not work properly.

Even worse is a drain which is too small or does not slope downwards correctly. This results in slow and inefficient draining, water building up, and potentially a great deal of time lost. The same goes for filling up the bath, which takes too long because of the slow flow caused by the inadequate equipment: the result is the same.

On the subject of other water-related issues, particular attention must be paid to the slopes which drain off water from open floor surfaces such as showers, the edges of the pools, and Vichy shower rooms. It does not suffice to just put in drainage pipes and other siphons. The slopes on the floors need to be even and directed towards these drains. Only too often reverse slopes are seen on the floors in the water-based areas which create puddles that are both unsightly and very bad in terms of hygiene.

Treating the air is also vitally important, and the comfort experienced in the different areas of the Spa is linked to this. The air not only needs to be renewed to ensure it is of optimum quality, but it also needs heating or cooling, depending on requirements, and also air humidity levels must be regulated.

To save on energy, it is of course preferable to have a double flow ventilation system that would recuperate the energy from the room air on the premises, which could then be re-injected into the new air obtained from outside.

This is vital in terms of comfort. The temperature experienced will give, or not, a feeling of wellbeing. All of this equipment heating, cooling, and ventilation can be imposing both in terms of the size of the appliances, but also, and above all, because of the ducts and pipework which are required for the transfer of aeraulic and hydraulic flows.

The equipment therefore needs to be incorporated into the project, because of the bulk, but also because of the noise they make. The technical area where they are all stored will therefore have to be sound-proofed, be as far from the treatment areas as possible, and be easily accessible for maintenance.

HVAC engineering consultants will be needed to size up this equipment and calculate how much energy is required. DO THE MATHS… If we calculate the time it takes to empty a balneotherapy bath, the time will be inversely proportional to the width of the draining pipes, and if the pipes are incorrectly calibrated and too small the bath will take too long to empty, so you will lose precious time between two clients.

When you add up all this time you will lose 1 or 2 sessions per day and this will result in a loss of turnover. Lesgainesdeventilation,devrontparexempleêtreisolées,pour évitertoutedéperdition,etatténuerlesbruitsdesoufflage. Après avoir traité la partie invisible, mais combien essentielle que la technique, nous pouvons définir les ambiances ainsi que les choix des couleurs et des matériaux.

Les carrelages par exemple sont soumis à des classements pour la résistance, mais éga- lementpourleurcompatibilitéavecunecirculationdansleszoneshu- mides, un classement existe pour le degré de glisse des sols carrelés.

The lighting, sound, and olfactory ambience at the Spa will be treated with the same care. For example, accessibility standards lay down minimums in terms of lighting. A corridor should have lumen luminosity, and a staircase lumens, so you need to be careful with dark areas where these readings are difficult to obtain. Quality will be a priority here in order to have all the guarantees needed for the longe- vity and the maintenance of these costly installations.

The ventilation ducts should, for example, be insulated to prevent any leakage and reduce the whistling noises. This equipment will come with specific contracts in order to guarantee regular maintenance, which ensures continuity and quick repair if it breaks down. We need to be aware that opting for the bare minimum can end up being expensive the cost of maintenance, lack of parts available for replacement, the inconvenience and also the loss of use when a breakdown lasts a long time.

This rule also applies, of course, to the equipment for activi- ties such as the water jets and whirlpool in the pools, baths, sauna and ham- mam. These parts will be selected with the same care, and the use they will get, their power consumption, and ease of maintenance shall also be taken into account.

Having looked at the hidden but oh-so essential technical area, we can now have a look at ambiences as well as the choice of colours and materials. The same applies here as it does to all the elements that we have looked at so far —greatcareisrequiredinchoosingthem. The tiles, for example, are subject to classifications in terms of their resistance but also for their compatibility with walking around in the wet areas.

There is also a clas- sification for the degree of slippage on tiled floors. On privilégiera le B pour les plages de piscine ou les bacs à douche carrelés. For public access and good material sustainability, the level does not go below 7. And the classification for slippage is as follows: The R standard classifies the adherence of tiling when wearing shoes, ranging from R9 for normal adherence to R 13 for ex- cellent adherence. The ABC standard classifies the adherence with bare feet. A is average adherence;Bvery goodadherence;Cstrongadherence.

It is best to use the B classification for the edges of the pools or the tiled shower trays. We are guided by three criteria - solidity, surface adhesion, and maintenance arrangements. Everything depends on the amount of each.

For example, tiling that is too skid-resistant, because it is coarse and it is raised too much, can make cleaning difficult. The accessibility standards, which we have already mentioned, must apply to all projects. It is a regulatory obligation to make establishments accessible to everyone, both the able-bodied and those with disabilities, before 1 January Your establishment will benefit in terms of user comfort and wellbeing, while also opening the door to new clients.

Fire safety regulations will also need to be incorporated into the project, with clear safety signs and evacuation plans, sufficient fire extinguishers in strategic places and which are adapted to the risks, and a type 4 alarm for category 5 public access buildings. This alarm, in line with accessibility requirements, should be fitted with a flashing light in areas where clients might find themselves alone necessary for those hard of hearing - in the toilets for example, but also in balneotherapy cabins as well.

On 1 Januarysubject to penalties that may even lead to closure, public access buildings will have to comply with the applicable technical accessibility regulations. They are based on 3 indicators:. The Bbio indicator, which enables the impact of the bioclimatic design on the energy performance of the building to be defined. TheTic indicator, specific to buildings, which defines the habitual tempe- rature inside the building.

The Cep indicator, specific to buildings, which defines its primary energy consumption. As complex as that sounds, the goal is to save on energy and obtain the maximum use out of the energy produced, which is a step in the right direction. Indeed, our experience has shown us that a Spa uses a lot of power in order to ensure that standards of comfort are kept high and equipment operates well.

These forum augmentation mammaire par injection de graisse, which apply to new buil- dings, will save money in terms of operating costs by minimising energy consumption, even though the investment is high. The costs will be cove- red in the long run.

Energy is a precious commodity which will become increasingly expensive, so good choices made early will pay off later. For example, HVAC engineering consultants, who have already been mentioned in this article, acoustic engineering consultants, lighting specialists etc.

Knowing Spas inside-out will enable an interior designer to address lighting and sound issues without problems most of the time, but it is essential to have experts working with them on the first two areas.

The current thermal regulation standards, and future ones for per- sons with reduced mobility, will lead to specific arrangements which limit the choice of layout, but as they are essential the choices will be valida- ted for security reasons by an inspection organisation like Véritas, Apave, Qualiconsult, Socotec, or another.

The list is long. This organisation which guarantees the correct application of administrative directives will work on several different areas — inspecting accessibility arrangements for per- sons with reduced mobility, verifying that fire safety standards have been complied with, verifying the electricity installation at the end of construc- tion work, and working as an SPS security, prevention, safety co-ordi- nator during construction work.

Pour 1 KW consommé, le système va produire 4 KW. Par contre on ne peut pas climatiser les locaux par ce système, tout au plus un rafraichissement limité sera possible.

Quelle solution adopter? Le choix idéal sera obtenu par le mariage de solution performante dans le cadre de leur application. Everything depends on the energy available on the site.

Electricity is ob- viously the easiest energy to get hold of, and the cleanest to use. Gas may also be of interest, but it has drawbacks in terms of security and ventila- tion of the technical areas. Heat pumps still offer the best consumption- productivity ratio. Indeed with the equipment available on the market it offers a ratio ofor indeed even more. For 1 KW consumed the system will produce 4 KW.

This pump can operate with an air-to-air or air-to- water system, which is the most common, but it can also operate with a water-to-air system if there is a well with sufficient flow. By recuperating heat or cold from outside, or from the water in the well, the air-to-air or water-to-air system will distribute it around the premises as forced air via a network of ducts, or via an interior condenser in each room where it is needed.

However, you cannot air-condition the premises with this system. A limited cooling effect is the most that can be expected. What are the main drawbacks with air-to-air and air-to-water de- vices? The main drawback with air-to-air, or air-to-water systems, is the size the units take up outside. It is sometimes impossible to integrate this equipment on the side of the building or on the roof in town centres, either because urban regulations oppose it, or because the co-ownership is against it.

We would avoid using this system connected to the water supply as consumption can be very high, and as the water used is discharged into the drains, the bill will very soon add up and the benefit of this system would thus be lost. It should be noted that since the water which comes out is clean, it can be drained off into the rain water drai- nage system. What is the main incentive for having air-to-air systems?

The main incentive for having air-to-air systems lies in being able to ob- tain hot and cold and thus optimise the management of temperatures on the premises.

However, in a Spa certain areas of the premises do not require cooling hammam and sauna area, pool, balneotherapy and affu- sion therapy roomsand as these are wet areas, we tend to opt for under- floor heating, which has the advantage of drying wet floors, in addition to perfectly distributing the amount of heat.

The solar power system can also be an interesting option. The sun heats the water in the panels linked to a heat pump which, via underfloor hea- ting, can be distributed throughout the premises. The cost of a solar power system will be higher than other heating systems in this situation, but provided that there is sufficient roof space, and it is facing in the right direction, operating costs will be kept to a minimum.

What solution should you opt for? The ideal choice will be obtained with an efficient solution and the way it is implemented: air-to-water or water-to-water for heating floor surfaces in areas which do not require cooling, and air-to-air for areas, depending on the season, where either heat or cold is needed. And if you want to keep operating costs to a minimum, the premises will need to be well insulated and thermal bridging must be avoided. What is the exact role of the engineering and design consultants?

Depending on the specifications for temperature needed in the different premises, as well as the humidity levels defined by the specialised interior designer of the Spa, they will be responsible for the calculations and sizing of the whole construction. They will decide on the size of the equipment and its power, power consumed, and power fed back, the widths of distri- bution ducts, their type, the delivery or vacuum speeds, and the type and calibre of supply vents or suction vents.

All this information is then passed on to the companies during the tender process. They will also be asked to inspect the site during construction and then at completion. Real precision in the technical specifications will make careful analysis and precise recommendations from the engineering and design consul- tants possible.

We cannot emphasise the role of insulation on the premises enough. Insulation from outside is the preferred option where possible, and atten- tion should be paid to there being no thermal bridging.

Everyone has their specialist role and that is a clear pledge of impartiality, success, and peace of mind. Cependant depuis quelques temps, vous avez développé de nou- velles compétences, expliquez-nous cela. Comment cela se caractérise sur le terrain, exemples à la clé? Par exemple à Paris, depuis un an, nous sommes intervenus sur une petite dizaine de projets plus complexes les uns que les autres. However, you have recently been developing new skills, can you tell us more about them.

Benoit CREUS: Indeed, well before the wellbeing centres are created we work on projects where our skills are used to define the space layout prior to planning permission being submitted. But our actions also include developing project specifications for the client who can then consult with the companies he chooses this is particularly the case when a pool with hydrotherapy features is being built as it makes more sense to have the concrete made by a local company.

In this case we provide plans and carry out studies on the functions and technical room. Of course, we can also manage the entire project right up to the finishings but, for the reasons explained above, the client can at all times choose to work with a company that they know or that has been entrusted with a part of the project as long as they have the necessary skills.

In fact, you now play a central role between the architect, interior de- signer, economist, design office and the project manager.

How does this translate in concrete terms and do you have some examples that illustrate this? In Paris for example, this past year we have assisted ten or so projects, all highly complex.

In these cases the question was how to optimise spaces in the basement, vaulted cellars, terraces We have contributed to a prestigious Spa in Stras- bourg and another creation in a basement in Cannes, and dealt with major technical constraints in the process. We have also recently signed a contract for a project in Carcassonne and are participating in the studies for a hotel Spa in Dijon, amongst others In each case we provide technical solutions so that each stakeholder - architect, interior designer, This central facility has given rise to many issues and our mission is to coordinate all the contractors involved in its success.

Moreover, a new sce- nario is becoming more and more frequent: we are entrusted with a surface with various facilities to be integrated such as a pool with hydrotherapy fea- tures, hammam, body polish area, sauna We participa- ted this year in the creation of the Deep Nature Spas in Brussels and Tetiaroa and are currently creating the multi-sensory wet area at the Sofitel hotel Spa in Abidjan.

To conclude, what has changed the most in terms of Spa design demand over these past two years? But, well beyond that is the necessity to be able to adapt to the clients who are increasingly involved in their pro- ject.

Now we are now going to deal with the construction work phase and the fact that, whether or not the sf bike coalition rides are in an existing or new building, the needs are still the same. Manufacturers were slowly starting to turn to research and design materials adapted to water and Spas which are durable, but the market was still ill-defined, and it was difficult for interior designers, without a grading system, to guarantee clients that materials would be perfectly adaptable to a Spa.

The well-being mar- ket has expanded so much that factories have now organised themselves and developed research to cater for all budgets, and they have had their products classified by standards which are also constantly changing and required by the French Codes of Practice DTU. The situation with materials used in Spas is much more straightforward now, and that includes more technical products, coloured joints, basin water-tightness, waterproof matting for shower or pool mosaics and tiling, with a technical support team who are very much involved alongside the interior designers including during construction work.

Our role, as interior designers, is therefore to provide our clients with this expertise and our experience with projects, the techni- cal teams who work with us, our creativity in offering each project leader designs and ambiences which meet their expectations, and not just duplicating designs imposed on them, while remai- ning technically meticulous at the same time.

The quality of ma- terials used is a guarantee of their long-term durability, reduces maintenance costs and too frequent renovation. High-quality materials can now be found that are desi- gned for Spas that are both aesthetic and suited to all budgets.

Il vaut beaucoup mieux consacrer plus de temps aux choix avant la si- gnature des marchés que de créer des problèmes difficilement gérables en cours de chantier. A chacune de ces étapes votre validation intervient bien sûr. Ce dossier complet est un engagement que les entreprises doivent signer page par page dans leur marché travaux signé avec vous.

Il est complété ensuite en cours de chantier par les détails néces- saires aux adaptions en cours de chantier pour les entreprises. A design brief is a brief with precise and complete plans, with as much detail as necessary and references to all the materials used, which can be understood and read by everyone who is going to work on your construc- tion site and not just the sales representatives and quantity surveyors who are going to cost them.

A plan is both a drawing and a list of techni- cal details which should be easy to understand when you see it. The summa- ry draft design then becomes a detailed design with a precise description of the construction work, the jobs which need to be done, the quality criteria which need to be observed, a collection of sheets with colour choices for materials, and technical specification sheets for the equip- ment.

You will of course play a role in approving each of these stages. This complete brief is a commitment which companies must sign on eve- ry page of their contract with you.

It is then completed during construc- tion work with any details that may be needed by companies to adapt to the site. A good interior designer must give you a guarantee that they will monitor this process. They will take on and ensure responsibility for their design — an indispensable guarantee for the project leader - but they will also make sure that everything is done legally. It is in your interest.

First of all, one has to understand that developing a Spa is a lot more intense, complex, and technical than hotel rooms for example. Indeed with a hotel room, once the choices are made and there is a show-room and the facilities have been tested, the work is simply repeated because there is a model to copy, even though there may be some variations, because the hotelier has approved a standard quality.

Each Spa, on the other hand, is a technical challenge and a feat to be achieved. In a Spa, each piece of equipment has requirements in terms of water and electricity which involve choices in temperature, air conditioning, acoustics, light intensity, heating, and water resistance, etc.

Each piece of equipment has different functions and also drawbacks linked to operating costs, which must always be manageable for the operator. It is very important to identify from the very outset the ability of the selected companies with regards to certain aspects and this includes being able to ensure quality work and finishes right up to the end of the project; having the master craftsmen and teams necessary to ob- serve deadlines; being able to deal with the inevitable emergencies on the construction site, which is often done under pressure; being flexible in terms of co-ordination and the succession of tasks to do, and respecting the work of others on the site.

And it is the responsibi- lity of the architect to help you make the right choices here. You need to meet each company before you taking on board their advice, re- gardless of whether it is a company suggested by you or the architect. Companies must accept the authority of the architect and the pro- ject manager. Too often you see temporary workers on construction sites who appear in the morning without clear instructions, pre- tending not to notice problems with quality or indeed how work already done is organised.

In terms of the technical areas, it is even more important to choose local companies who are organised, financially stable, and who can also guarantee subsequent maintenance of the installations, so that you are not the one chasing after manufacturers.

A good com- pany must provide detailed, precise tenders in which each service or supply can be identified in terms of quality, quantity, and unit price.

A good company must provide its biennial and decennial insurance policies, and its professional qualifications, and it is up to the interior designer to check that these documents are valid before the client signs any contracts. Turno- ver generated by equipment is an important factor when making these choices and is one of the key elements in a budget. It also plays a role in balancing out estimates, as some equipment does not need to be constantly su- pervised by therapists because their use is part of a pac- kage or treatment protocols.

Your interior designer should have collected this information and incorporated it into the description costed by the companies these are substantial costs which are often under-estimatedand then they will carefully monitor compliance with these instructions and have them appro- ved by the local technical inspection service.

The only guarantees that the equipment will run smoothly over time are the quality of the installation and the exper- tise and availability of the maintenance team. It means avoiding last-minute replacements and compromises in terms of quality. Our advice: if needed, ensure that you have space on the project site, or in nearby premises, where you can stock materials before each phase of construction work begins, so that you never run the risk of being behind schedule.

It costs, but it is so important. These site reports are the Bible of how a construction site operates, and in the event of subsequent litigation these site reports are legally ad- missible in terms of insurance policies and structural damage insurance that the client is obliged to take out before beginning construction work.

We look at the advantages of this for the client below. A Spa construction site is a short-term site for various reasons: because of the need to open on a commercially specified date, rents and expen- diture mount up, staff are recruited, and training is booked and program- med, etc. A Spa can only open when most of the reservations notified on final ac- ceptance of the construction work have been addressed and remedied, finishes are perfect, the technical installations have been approved by the technical inspection service, the water quality for the basins and pools has been approved by the health services, and tests have been done and the equipment has been put into service.

On a typical construction site these measures can take a long time and the legal deadline for comple- ting outstanding work required for final acceptance is two months. But in a Spa you cannot have workers and clients bumping into each other in the corridors of a newly opened establishment, because of all the noise of deliveries and building work.

This means that if workers have to work at night or on days when the Spa is closed, there will be unplanned additional costs. Le délai entre le pré-openning et la réception définitive peut suffire aux derniers réglages et dernières réserves à lever. This allows time to deal with defects and problems in the finishes and things which have been forgotten during construction work, rather than waiting until the planned completion date. It also ensures that when equipment is delivered the work needed to install it has been completed in the relevant room so that the techni- cians can put the equipment into service in optimal conditions.

Beyond ensuring that the schedule is strictly observed, these weekly interim handover inspection visits enable the Spa operator to plan their training courses, official visits, invitations to journalists, and ensure a high-quality finish, to limit the risk of unforeseen problems at the end of construction work, and guarantee reliable and realistic pre-opening and final opening dates. The interior designer also incorporates a deadline into the schedule for the delivery and installation of furniture, accessories and small-scale equipment, fittings, putting up artwork, adding the final touches to de- cor, installing IT equipment, boutique merchandise, laundry, and treat- ment products, so that staff can begin working in an environment with which they are comfortable and in the best possible conditions.

The final acceptance of construction work is a compulsory and crucial le- gal formality, which is the subject of a proper official report, signed by all stakeholders, and in the presence of all. The time between the pre-ope- ning and the final acceptance of work can be useful for dealing with any last-minute adjustments or completing any outstanding work required for final acceptance.

This method and rigour in monitoring the construc- tion site ensures that the operator has a commercial head-start and can begin marketing the project, but above all guarantees the indisputable quality and consequent success of the Spa opening. The interior designer is the key person working on the project. Quel sont les garanties dont bénéficie le client par rapport à la qualité des travaux? Mais aussi par les assurances biennales et décennales de chaque entreprise, de leurs sous-traitants déclarés, de leurs ingé- nieurs, les assurances des BET et les garanties des équipements.

Quels sont les critères de choix des petits équipements? Il faut également estimer la pertinence des équipements en fonction des protocoles ou parcours de soins des marques de Cosmétiques partenaires. What is the fundamental role of the technical inspection ser- vice? The technical inspection service makes it possible to approve and sign safety and accessibility documents needed in order to submit the appli- cation for building permission, verify technical specification sheets for materials and equipment in compliance with standards, inspect and approve design calculations, company implementation plans for tech- nical areas, provide assistance during construction work, and inspect all the installations during interim handover inspections, when equipment is put into service, and when the construction work is finally accepted.

What guarantees does the client have in terms of the quality of the building work? What criteria are used for choosing small-scale equipment? Firstly, the real costs must be determined: the value of the purchase, deli- very and installation, the cost of building work to install what is required in terms of fluids, air and ventilation systems, room temperatures, notifi- cation of any reservations concerning the structural work or partitions, and access to the construction site.

Then to operating costs must be anti- cipated with regards to water and electricity consumption, and huile dolive pour assouplir les cheveux crépus cost of maintenance for each piece of equipment.

It is also important to think about wellbeing and how easy it is to use the equipment for therapists and clients, especially in terms of the size and level of comfort of the mas- sage tables. The suitability of equipment must also be evaluated in terms of the treatment protocols and processes of cosmetic brand partners.

Finally, it is very important not to overlook the technical areas needed for maintenance without disturbing clients. Monitoring this carefully is one of the most difficult areas for the interior designer. After all, you cannot correct a slope which has been forgotten, or is not steep enough, with resurfacing products.

The slopes have to be built when you lay down either the concrete slab or the screed. The tiling should follow the slopes and the siphon should be positioned at the bot- tom of them.

Marc, les Laboratoires Camylle sont devenus la référence en matière de mise en scène olfactive des établissements de bien-être. Par exemple le lundi énergisantes, le mercredi amincissantes, le vendredi déstressantes, le samedi posi- tivantes… Le groupe Thalazur a même intégré le sauna et le hammam comme un soin complémentaire pour leurs curistes.

Fournisseur incontournable du secteur, vous voulez aussi séduire le consommateur final au travers de votre nouvelle gamme retail. Expliquez-nous cela? Quels pays ciblez-vous pour ? Les produits Camylle sont très appréciés en Russie. La société a créée en une filiale en Allemagne où la pratique du sauna revêt un caractère quasi culturel. Depuis également, nous sommes distribués par des distributeurs au Japon à Tokyo et à Kyoto.

Marc, Camylle Laboratories have become a reference in staging for the olfactory sense in wellbeing establishments. Why is it so impor- tant to take olfactory perception into account in every area of the Spa? Not only does the sense of smell trigger an immediate effect on our state of mind, thanks to the extraordinary power of essential oils this sense also opens the way for a much deeper influence.

Trottinette électrique

Indeed, aromatherapy is the perfect feature for all types of wet area equipment and can easily be implemented in the sauna, ham- mam, whirlpool baths and Vichy shower… Our clients have an olfactory programme that is daily, weekly or seasonal.

These programmes focus on the benefits that Camylle essential oils provide. For example, energize on Monday, boost weight loss on Wednesday, de-stress on Friday, positive thinking on Saturday…The groupThalazur has even decided to make the sauna and hammam a part of their treatment programmes so that their clients can take full advantage of complementary benefits of these facili- ties.

In the beautiful Spa of the Barrière Ribeauvillé Resort, clients are in- vited to a bathhouse ritual that consists in pouring water over the stones. Performed 3 times a day, this popular ritual gives the wet area a different and attractive dynamic.

As for the financial aspect, the required budget is within reach of all types of Spas, which have often invested a great deal in the wet area and which can, at last, find the key to optimizing this area. Already a key industry supplier, you also intend to win over end- consumers with your new retail range. Can you tell us more about it? We have created four superb complementary fra- grances that are offered in a traditional ml spray as well as in a revolu- tionary concept… small pebble stone diffusers containing microencap- sulated fragrances to release a slow, steady fragrance over several weeks.

In- deed, the protocol is easy to implement. To conclude, Camylle Laboratories have made great headway in de- veloping exports over the past few years.

Which countries has the brand won over and why? Which countries are you targeting ? This strategy has been rewarding both in France and abroad! With its roots in Europe and Switzerland, the brand is strongly established in Northern and Eastern European countries.

Camylle is also greatly appreciated in Russia. Also, sincethe brand has entered partnerships with distributors in Japan, in Tokyo and Kyoto.

Our network is continually expanding with new distributors in Singapore, the United States, Chilli, Greece and Morocco… In we intend to strengthen our presence in the Emirates and some countries in Asia. New products and trends - Focus on Spa showers, natural sensory experience - Subtile Emanation, your olfactory signature - Cryo-Jet, Cold therapy - Relaxing space by Star Wellness. Ce sont plutôt les équipements qui évoluent. Dans un autre esprit, les tunnels expériences permettent aussi un parcours intéressant.

Un autre point concerne la bonne mesure à trouver dans les in- vestissements. Ces derniers doivent être de plus en plus sophistiqués, performants, originaux et surtout polyvalents. La crise est certes un frein, mais également un défi et un moteur pour notre imagination et créativité. Instead it is the equipment that has evolved.

The objective today is not only to offer a service to be consumed a hammam, a sauna, a bath…but also to provide the opportunity to savour an experience that comprehensively solicits an emotional and sensorial perception. Another point raised is the degree of investment to be made. To adopt this approach is to ignore the particular characteristics of each centre.

All the more so since the economic crisis has reared its ugly head! Projects are being post- poned due to the current economic situation that is not very encoura- ging when it comes to making investments. Spas, Thalassotherapy and Hydrotherapy centres have become essential to our wellbeing and equi- librium; they have taken on a greater role in our needs; health and equili- brium have become values of major importance.

The economic crisis has also led the operator to think in terms of profitability and thus to seek the right balance between hands-on treatments and treatments provi- ded by equipment, which, therefore, are economical in terms of labour costs. This equipment must be even more highly sophisticated, efficient, original and, above all, adaptable.

The economic crisis is admittedly ham- pering business, but it is also a challenge and a driving force behind our imagination and creativity. Compatible selon les versions avec des eaux corrosives thermale ou marinecet appareil trouve sa place autant dans les Spas, les Instituts, les thalassos ou les thermes.

Foot treatments Could it be a consequence of the daily tortures that women impose on their feet perched on vertiginously high heels? The demand for foot treatments is booming. According to SpaFin- der, foot treatments are heading the list of current trends. Not that Spa-addicts have suddenly converted to Chinese medi- cine: foot reflexology is only one of the menu de regime xur come of mysimba obesite morbide demand.

We will not bring up the insane Fish Spa boom here. This concept is based on the principle of hydromassage generated by glass beads moving in water. The foot, and even the leg or hand, is immersed in the apparatus. The dynamic massage and relaxing effect are obtained by the rotating movement of the beads, the flow and ebb of the liquid, the pressure and percussion exerted by the weight of the beads on the skin, tissues, joints, muscles, ligaments and nerves, and the vibrations of the water-bead environment.

The sale price for sessions with this equipment varies between 15 and 45 euros inclusive of tax, according to the category of the esta- blishment and the treatment protocol. Reasonable investment is required from 6, euros exclusive of tax for the basic model in the range, on wheels and requiring manual filling, to 10, euros exclu- sive of tax for the Thermer model with direct sea-water or spring-water connection and drainagewhich allows Thierry FAVREAU to say that the return on the investment is ensured within a period of six months.

This apparatus, which is compa- tible with corrosive spring or marine waters according to the version chosen, is equally at home in Spas, Beauty Institutes, Thalassotherapy and Hydrotherapy centres. Il ne faut pas confondre la baignoire duo avec un Spa. Les grands équipementiers professionnels ont donc adapté leur offre. La forme de la baignoire duo de Trautwein rappelle le symbole chinois du Yin et du Yang, qui représente des principes opposés indis- sociables et complémentaires.

La baignoire Yin Yang dispose de deux coques séparées dans lesquelles sont intégrés des projecteurs de couleur sans aspérités ni joints, de façon à préserver une hygiène parfaite. Chaque baigneur dispose de sa propre eau. Température, additifs de bain et couleur de la lumière peuvent donc être sélectionnés individuellement.

Si une personne seule réserve le bain, il suffit de remplir une seule coque. Le concept est enrichi par un micro-massage musical. Le Spa Lounge Concept peut être fourni avec des accessoires tels que des coussins aux couleurs assor- ties au Spa, ainsi que des lumières LED.

Le Spa Lounge Concept est fabriqué en Europe avec des matériaux qui respectent les standards de haute qualité pour en assurer la durabilité. Il peut être installé en intérieur ou en extérieur, en version enterrée ou portable. Duo-design baths Duo-design baths have unquestionably become very fashionable over the past two years. These baths have rekindled interest in hydrotherapy in Spas, which had shown a downward trend due to the introduction of whirlpool baths in the bathrooms of private homes.

For Spa Managers, the noise of the motors and the mixing of water in classic hydromassage baths were also often seen as an obstacle that detracted from the intimate atmosphere peculiar to Spas. It is important not to confuse a duo-design bath with a Spa. In le botox injection jobs former, the water is not treated — it is chan- ged after each use.

In the latter, the water is treated, and continuously disinfec- ted as if for a swimming pool. The major professional equipment manufacturers have consequently adapted their offering. The shape of the duo bathtub reflects the ChineseYin andYang sym- bol, which represents interdependent and complementary opposites existing in relation to each other. The Yin Yang bath has two separate tubs, which have seamlessly integrated colour projectors that are totally flush with the bathtub walls for perfectly hygienic conditions.

Each bather has their own water so the temperature, bath additives and light colour can be selected individually. The fact that the bath water is separated further ensures hygiene and there is the added bonus that if only one person reserves the bath, then only one bath- tub can atrides résumé zadig filled. The concept is enhanced by a musical micro-massage.

The bathwater becomes a source of gentle vibrations so that the sonorities can be felt through all the fibres of the body. A subs- tantial plus… Price for the general public: from 12, snoop dogg riders on the storm quest exclusive of tax, according to the options chosen.

At Star Wellness, the Spa Lounge Concept has come up with an innovative new version of the duo-design double bathtub. It remarkably takes up a minimal amount of space thanks to its rectangular, compact form and the pure lines of its very contemporary design.

This Spa is designed for professional use and the quality of the hydromassage produced is outstanding, with a choice of over 11 different water jet combinations there are 35 jets in all. The Spa Lounge Concept is manufactured in Europe from materials that comply with high quality standards to ensure durability. It may be installed indoors or outdoor and comes in a sunken or portable version. Prices for the general public start at 14, euros exclusive of tax.

Une autre voie intéressante est de faire appel à des produits certes un peu plus standardisés, mais éprouvés en contexte profession- nel. Dessinées par Cristiano MINO, les cabines Sweet Professional apportent une réponse sur mesure aux projets Spa, rehaussée par le style résolument épuré et minimaliste signé Star- pool. Elles sont proposées en plusieurs dimensions au choix, de x cm à x cm. The keen interest in these wellbeing spaces is today a subtle alchemy of ma- gic atmospheres and technological mastery.

Steam is stubborn and will do as it pleases, especially when clients follow one after the other, opening doors and creating draughts… Tailor-made design is a Must, but also requires care and attention. The contribution made by a specialised company that designs and hand-crafts its products offers all the advantages of advice and support at every stage of the im- plementation process, from the design and planning to the coordination of the different trades on the construction site. Another interesting possibility is to call upon products that have shown their worth in a professional context, even though they may be a little more standardised.

They come in a choice of several sizes from x cm to x cm, and all enhance the sensation of wellbeing through music, lights, colours and fragrances. Voilà pour ce qui est du design et de la conception. La transpiration est intense, favo- risant ainsi une détoxination plus rapide. On retrouve les bienfaits de lampes qui sont commercialisées auprès des kinés. Pour un sauna de grandes dimen- sions 4 à 5 personnesla technologie des infrarouges carbone est préférable à celle de la céramique le plus souvent utilisée pour les petits saunas à usage personnel.

Voilà de quoi séduire les Spa Managers! Dans ce cas, la douche froide permet ce choc thermique salutaire. Tarifs publics sur demande auprès des principaux grands équipementiers, en fonction du projet.

Une autre déclinaison du sauna est le sauna à vapeur douce. As for the saunas… The first question that should be asked is as follows: is this sauna sui- botox 9 straatjes for use in an establishment that is open to the public?

Indeed, as far as some equipment manufacturers are concerned, the offering only too often concerns saunas designed for domestic use. Com- pact, available at a reasonable price, these saunas may also attract the Manager of a Spa or beauty institute where the surface area is limited. It would be a mistake to stick to this blinkered approach; a sauna in a place that is open to the public must be a professio- nal sauna, even if it is a small one. In other words, the heating stove must be designed to remain constantly hot, and not for just a few hours a week.

It must especially be in full compliance with statutory regulations that apply to Public Access Buildings. The same applies with regard to access for disabled people: check with your equipment manufacturer and your architect that the door threshold and its dimensions allow access to people in wheelchairs.

Having said this, what new features do saunas have today? There are two types: one concerns design and interior decoration and the other concerns the ambiance created by the sauna. The traditional sauna was beginning to suffer due to its quite conventional and commonplace aspect. Today, the born-again sau- na has much more attractive interior decoration.

The example of German and Austrian ther- mal-fun centres is a true source of inspiration from where original ideas can be found… A tailor-made sauna enables the architect to let his or her imagination have free rein, guided by the equipment manufacturer who will be able to provide advice in order to avoid any errors in the choice of materials and surface claddings. So there you have it as far as the ideas and design are concerned. The heat, which is gentler and more encompassing, can be borne by all, including those who suffer from cardiovascular illness.

Transpiration is intense, thus encouraging a more rapid body detox. There are all the benefits of lamps that can be found in physiotherapy centres. For a large sauna bouleau amaigrissement france to 5 peoplecarbon infrared technology is preferable to the cera- mic heater that is more often used in small, personal use saunas.

Yes, it consumes 4 times less energy than the traditional sauna and heats up more quickly. Without forgetting some instructions for optimal use: the far infrared sauna heats the muscles so a cold shower must not be taken afterwards, which is contrary to the traditional sauna that acts on the phenomenon of vasodilation — vasoconstriction of the blood flow.

In the latter case, a cold shower delivers the salutary thermal shock. Prices for the public are available on request from main equipment suppliers, and depend on the project under consideration. Another variation of the sauna is the gentle steam sauna.

This hybrid and multi-purpose equipment, such as the Soft Sauna Tylö marke- ted by Nordique France, offers the choice of atmosphere that ranges from a traditional dry heat, to a warm but slightly humid one, and is a good compromise between a traditional sauna and a hammam. The Soft Sauna is equipped with a Combi heater for the sauna with a water tank and a steam generator. Everyone knows that Vera Wang can make a beautiful dress and she didn't let us down with this one, and she designed the wait band as well:.

Cypern6 percent in and 8. As humans emit greenhouse gases through industry, driving and use of electricity, the gases become concentrated in the Earth's atmosphere, causing the temperature to rise and our climate to change.

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Without them you may find this site does not work properly and many features may be unavailable. Il dispose d'un matriel de palladium argent et verrou, une cl et un cadenas. For the first year, a new award has been added to the line up, in memory of Isabella Blow. The Isabella Blow Award for Fashion Creator will recognise the work of make-up artists, photographers, stylists or producers, and their influence over the industry. We just assumed that some sophisticated Hollywood stylist alum was pulling clothes for her from designer boutiques and luxury label press offices.

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Here's the joint stipulation. Her gown went all the way up her leg and didn't end until it reached her waist. So her right leg thrust was considerably more revealing, including displaying her sharp, bare hip bone. Jewelry Putting relating to Important Routine:. Super 8 Paramount Pictures. Here's a few holidaBurberry showing streamlined sleek at London Fashion Week spring. As for Watson, when she's not occupied with filming, she can be found in the pages of fashion magazines -- including the advertisements.

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Karl Lagerfeld surprised everyone when he picked Alice Dellal, known as model-slash-socialite but mainly for having "punky" and "rocker" style, as the new face of his Boy Chanel handbag collection.

With her half-shaved head, tattoos and a couple of unconventionally placed piercings, ; she "represents the perfect incarnation of all that is unique about the Boy Chanel handbag collection, which strives [to be] far from conformist notions of femininity.

Oh, and carrying the new Boy bag. Check out the newest face of the French brand. Do you dig the darker feel of the new Chanel spots? Alicia Keys has been turning-heads with her sensational style as she makes the rounds during Paris Fashion Week. While Alicia has stuck to a black and white palette throughout the week--she's been adding a bit of visual interest with her unique choice of accessories.

She paired her ivory buttoned-up blouse and tuxedo jacket with a large cross statement necklace to take in the Givenchy show and just yesterday decided to up the style ante by donning a jeweled headpiece to the Chanel runway presentation.

The dangling hair jewelry was definitely head-turning, but we're not quite sure we love it. But this isn't the first time we're seen Alicia rock a set of crowned jewels. But, what do you think of this most recent attempt? By Linda Rosenkrantz for Want to give your baby a name that truly telegraphs a sense of style? Here are the Nameberry picks for best :? Public opinions differ on the CW show 'Gossip Girl'. Whether you love it, loathe it, or have never watched it, I find a certain stylish attachment to the show that seems impossible to shake off.

When Karl Lagerfield choose it-girl of the moment Blake Lively as the new face of Chanel, it made sense. So, why am I so bored? This underwhelment is bumbling under the service. It was present in the New York Times article by Irina Aleksander, the sub-text asking "whatever, how long will this last? Will people be talking about her in 6 months? Which is where Shorty minceur mixa pour homme comes in.

Yes, I said it. I already know her. Consumers are paying for the wonder, elitisim, and individuality that comes with Chanel. Ads are the place to steer the brand in an edgy direction. So, what makes Lively so different? The answer: absolutely nothing. She the best choice out of what is available right now. And once the Darwinism of the fashion world will kicks in it'll be survival literally of the fittest. Blake Lively has certainly become fashion's newest darling -- she's been and and it seems the kind words won't let up any time soon.

We would go to really cool vintage stores or boutiques and we'd get a bunch of dvd maigrir pour gagner and we'd sew a lot," Lively recalls.

She revealed, "I had other opportunities and I would say, 'Thank you so much, but I am holding out for Chanel. And people would say, 'Well, that's unrealistic, they only hire Europeans,' and I said: 'Well, how great. I'll be the first then. Michael Kors"You look at her skin and her hair -- she's healthy," Mr.

Kors said. There's something very optimistic about her. I think she's the anti-downer, anti-sad. Plenty of fashion labels have used mirror in advertisements at one point or another.

Butfeaturing the lovely actress staring back at herself, is even more familiar than usual. Lively's first ad as the new line hit the web Friday, and to our surprise it looks strikingly similar to the spots for her Mademoiselle handbag campaign for Chanel. It wasn't too long ago that Lively was and toting bags for the French fashion brand. The Gucci ad shows Lively staring out a window into a dark sky overlooking a lit-up city.

It's yet so striking similar to the dark Chanel ad also featuring Blake's profile reflected in glass. So the real question: intentional or not? Is Gucci pouring salt in Chanel's wound after stealing Karl Lagerfeld's or is the similarity a mere coincidence? See the ads for yourself below and tell us what you think! Want more? Be sure to check out HuffPost Style on, and.? In case you've been living under a rock for the past 24 hours or entirely engrossed withyou've already heard the startling news: this weekend!

The "Green Lantern" co-stars, who have been dating for about a year, that took everyone by surprise. With no pics, how will we know what Blake wore??! While most news outlets have reported that Lively wore a Chanel gown down the aisle, and can set the record straight:The bride and her bridesmaids walked down the aisle in custom Marchesa gowns designed by Blake's friends, Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig, with shoes created for the celebration by Christian Louboutin. The groom and groomsmen wore specially made Burberry must see rides at epcot with custom leather suspenders designed by the groom's friend, Christopher Bailey.

The couple exchanged unique wedding rings by Lorraine Schwartz. No love for Karl Lagerfeld? Nor Gucci? Lively has been a longtime pal and muse to the Kaiser, who made herand. Lively also recentlythe Italian label's new fragrance. Despite our secret evil hopes for a juicy feud, it seems like Blake's Gucci gig didn't result in a dramatic fallout with Karl. Blake in was clad in "a hand-draped silk tulle bodice adorned with custom crystal and rose gold embroidery," according to Marchesa's press office.

To be fair, we should have guessed Lively was going to be shopping around for her wedding wardrobe. For more details, click over towhich has the exclusive scoop for its December issue. It's official: has evolved from his disheveled days into. The has been chosen as the first male face of Chanel No. Gaspard Ulliel appeared in a Chanel men's fragrance ads, but at least as far as we can tell, he was never the official spokesperson of No.

Pitt will join the ranks of past promoters of the scent Nicole Kidman, Audrey Tatou and Catherine Deneuve when the ads are released overseas later this year. The campaign is scheduled to shoot in London this week, and we're interested to see Karl work his magic on the dreamboat. No word from on exactly why he's taken on the duty of embodying the couture house's best-selling fragrance, but the couple will reportedly take home a seven-figure paycheck from the modeling gig.

Brad must have taken when he made the high-paying overseas product-shilling deal. This kind of endorsement begs the question: Why is Brad repping one of the most iconic women's scents? He's not exactly the epitome of the effeminate fragrance's target demographic. If the new Chanel face stays mum, we'll just have to wait until we see the ads to piece this together. Also on HuffPost:? If you needed any more conclusive proof about just how blinkin' good looking Brad Pitt is then this is surely it?

The Hollywood star has just been signed up to be the new face of Chanel No. You know, the classic ladies fragrance? The year-old actor will make history as the first ever man to front the new advertising campaign for the French fragrance and has reportedly been paid a seven figure sum to do so. Brad will follow in the high-heeled footsteps of Nicole Kidman, Keira Knightley, Audrey Tatou, Catherine Deneuve and Lauren Hutton who have all fronted previous campaigns for the scent.

Brad is due to film the ad in London this week, which is handy, as him and fiancee Angelina Jolie have just. Brad is set to begin shooting the ads in London later this week.

We like to blithely toss the word "icon" around in reference to rides avant 30 ans original modern day fashion stars: Karl, Kate, Marc, Gaga and, uh. But all it takes is a few costumes to remind us that none compare to a true fashion icon like Coco Chanel. The tome honors the jacket created by Coco and worn by hundreds of socialites, models and celebrities ever since.

But our favorite jacket-wearer? Well, it's a toss-up. Carine dresses up as Coco herself, wearing the traditional straw boater, the strands of pearls and that signature jacket. In the unmistakable outfit, the former Vogue Paris editor-in-chief reminds us of what an icon -- a true symbol -- Coco Chanel was. Then again, Sarah Jessica Parker wears the jacket on her head.

And totally owns it. Like we said: toss-up. Carine Roitfeldbut the former editor-in-chief has had no shortage of work since leaving the glossy. Two weeks ago, we learned that Roitfeld -- including the catalog, the windows and a short film -- working with photographer Mario Sorrenti and Barneys creative director Dennis Freedman. She told Women's Wear Daily, "It's good to have a new life, because now I can do projects that I never dreamed of before. Working with Kaiser Karl, apparently.

The new pics feature model-of-the-moment Freja Beha Erichsen, and Lagerfeld told the fashion newspaper, "The mix with Freja was genius. Only time will tell. We wonder if one Tom Ford is jealous yet No, not some kind of new, super chic accessory. Cotton pads. Like the things you use to swipe off your eye makeup remover. When we firstwe balked. But hey, these things are probably nicer than Swisspers. And they are! They're downright international!

Sayeth Chanel:LE COTON is an exquisitely soft tri-layer pad developed in Japan: its outer lining, made from delicate, handpicked Egyptian cotton, and its inner filling, comprised of lightly entwined, elastic Australian fibers. Nothing but the world's finest to scrub off your mascara clumps.

And there are more splurge-y cosmetics accessories where that came from; check out some other outrageously priced beauty tools in our slideshow below. Don't steal designer brand names. Just, regime diabetique pour personne agee gratuit. Because those brands are really big and really rich and pretty scary and they will come and sue your butt.

As AFP reported. Which may or may not be worse than that time when That's not counting the countless shoes, bags and clothes that have been confiscated for falsely bearing a designer name including just last week. What have we learned, class? The silver-haired supermodel led the way for Karl Lagerfeld's cruise collection models, clad chiefly in black, white, black-and-white or a bold print What an utterly unsophisticated assumption.

Take a look at Karl's newest offerings. And to see who sat front row. Chanel's set designer was clearly inspired by the right? Today as Paris Fashion Week nears its apogee, Karl Lagerfeld capitalized on the drama, putting on a show that was soaked in luxurious coats and trousers as well as striking scenery.

As celebs like Alicia Keys and watched from the front row, Chanel's models strutted out in front of jutting crystal-like sculptures, walking on sand that was strewn on the runway. Fashionista's reporter one woman pocketing some of the crystals and sand. Who walked? Miranda Kerr ofwho strutted in an embroidered coat with glittering eyebrows, although our fave Karlie Kloss was nowhere in sight.

The rest of the collection was similarly dramatic, featuring signature Chanel textiles like tweed and wool, and a crop of sheer plastic shoes that were also adorned with crystals. There was also a tiny, Chanel-bedecked tot on the runway -- whose dad Brad is a male model and close friend of Kaiser Karl.

At the show's conclusion, Lagerfeld ambled out between the crystals to pay his respects to the crowd, who appropriately cheered him for putting on such an artistic fete. Check out pics of the runway looks and video of the Chanel finale below:? More from TheKit. It was certainly a diverse collection of creations from A-lines to dropped waists, palettes that were muted or bright, and styles spanning decades.

But Tuesday's shows had one key thing in common: imagination. The French fashion president, one of the most discreet yet powerful figures in the world of fashion thus answers detractors who predict the demise of the age-old tradition.

It's not just about selling clothes: it's an advert, an ideas factory," added Grumbach. Chanel haute couture. Their presence showed the unique and enduring allure of year-old Chanel.

Down the catwalk, adorned with vintage sketches of Coco Chanel's lavish house interior, went shimmering silk tweed skirt suits, ensembles from the '50s and '60s, and a '30s bolero jacket. Other outfits sparkled with a contemporary metallic sheen.

In some instances, Lagerfeld resurrected the s. A series of ensembles in big, bold textured checks in black, grey and white channeled the decade's strong shoulders and narrow hemline. In other looks, pink tulle fringing recreated a dropped waist effect from the s.

How to Look for a Family Sailing Vacation Package

Elsewhere, double-breasted A-lines, a Peter Pan collar and ensembles in pale pink and white might have come straight out of Jacqueline's Kennedy early '60s wardrobe. The boldest looks came toward the end: Lagerfeld let his pony-tailed hair down in a shimmering electric blue dress that could have been Coco's answer to s glam rock.

The tulle with pearl took 3, hours. Couture is for a world of privilege. But is there ever time for looking back? Not really, according to Lagerfeld. His accomplished fall-winter collection on Tuesday began with a daybreak of sorts, in lighter shades of mauve and lavender in organzas and double crepe. Shoulders were emphasized, some with upward scooped tailoring.

Then as the sun set, the couture got to work. Embroidered veils appeared, signalling the dimness of dusk. Geometric embroidery accompanied black tulle tops with Swarovski crystals. Spectators gasped as the show climaxed at midnight in blue, naturally with some of the most sumptuous dresses seen this season. The subtlety proves one thing: Armani lives up to his reputation for versatility. Only last month, in Beijing he staged a show with bright va-va voom, mermaid silhouettes.

Here, things were more restrained and the looks, mirroring the cycle of time, oozed elegant sensuality. And what better advertisement for elegance across time is Sophia Loren? The beautiful year old film star sat in the front row. But rarely does the front row presence upstage a show, as reality TV star Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend, musician Kanye West, did during Stephane Rolland's rather predictable fall-winter offering.

The couple's entrance and exit triggered a crowd that spilled out into the street. The media scrum caused a mother and her young daughter to be shoved to the side. But the celebrity presence here is no great surprise. Last season, Yasmin Le Bon was Rolland's muse. With the celebrity hullabaloo, fashion insiders momentarily forgot the reason they came: the clothes. The trains and long capes in many of the ensembles, like last season, floated past giving the model a Supergirl silhouette.

But the lack of new ideas, made the show feel more like a diluted superhero sequel. Style confession time: while we love watching and could absolutely never afford Chanel's newest collections, we absolutely adore seeing who wears what in the front row.

And we weren't disappointed after Tuesday's Haute Couture show in Paris. Oh yeah, and there was a runway show featuring nearly every model of the moment draped in Karl Lagerfeld's latest creations. Are chokers coming back in? Take a look and tell us who was best-dressed at the Chanel show. The iconic house's fun, young collection headlined the penultimate day of Paris spring-summer show.

The fact the show had nothing whatsoever to do with the several eco-turbines constructed for the event — no doubt at a huge cost to the environment — didn't seem to matter. A pinch of salt, too, may have been required Sarah Burton's ode to the McQueen bee, which mixed regal looking crinolines, s silhouttes with bees and insect armory. As ever, the Alexander McQueen's ready-to-wear show was Paris Fashion Week's most original, living up to the spirit of the designer who died in Trends on Tuesday included cutouts, as featured in a strong showing from Valentino — with Jennifer Lopez on the front row — and in Paco Rabanne's signature "69" dics that exposed inches of bare flesh.

Wednesday — the grand finale of a dense and vibrant week — includes shows from Elie Saab, Miu Miu and powerhouse Louis Vuitton. Silver bauble appliques became buttons, A-line skirts were playfully short, colorful checks contrasted funkily with geometric flashes, and feather fringing billowed exuberantly. One model in a crossing "C" swimsuit even carried a three-foot nearly 1 meter handbag. A bold new fashion idea was the reworked bolero jacket with curved shoulders, often spruced up with inflated arms.

The wide T-shaped bolero silhouette spread onto sweaters and inspired many of the show's best looks. Naturally, many of the brighter ensembles stood out, too. Bright pink and blue felted oversized sweaters were accessorized to kitsch effect with huge pale or silver pearl necklace clusters.

There was a highly accomplished delivery of color palette also, which lifted one checked red-and-white A-line dress, with the top part sliced off. It paired beautifully with a contrasting, yet complementary loose blue and red coat.

Another stand out piece was a white bateau-neck ensemble with check navy bands with a clean, slightly sporty vide. Lagerfeld, who turns 80 next year, certainly hasn't let age slow him down: It's the youngest collection Chanel's seen for a while. At least it is for Sarah Burton, who tapped her fantastical imagination for Alexander McQueen to conjure up fashion week's most original show: Mixing insect-like armory with on-trend stiff bar jackets of the New Look, as well as 19th century crinoline.

If it sounds strange, it was — set to a backdrop of images of bees and honeycomb — with each model wearing a visor reminiscent at once of the s wide hat, a cage and a beekeepers mask. Have fashions over the ages, she seemed to ask, caged and protected us like in the natural world? A cinched metal or tortoiseshell waist band — a recurrent Burton feature — which fanned out into a peplum in some of the looks resembled an abdomen of a wasp or queen bee.

The fascinating collection of 31 looks — which had fashion insiders amazed — was as thought-out as it was perfectly executed with metal mesh materials that sparkled mechanically. The s were visited in full skirts which mixed with structuralist fashion: Hard bodice cages, which showed the inner working of corsetry of the crinoline age, on the outside. The last collections revisited the queen theme: Billowing structured skirts in beige, soft yellow and vermilion looked like a surrealist take on Marie Antoinette.

Italian design duo Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli kept their strict, high collars and didn't bare too much flesh but eased their conservative designs, in razor-thin slits and tiny transparent cutouts. Elsewhere, diaphanous see-through outer garments in black tulle really worked well in bringing home the collection's message of provocative shyness.

Some of the outfits sported front bibs — wavy silk U-shaped bands — Valentino's more conservative version of the on-trend ruffle shown by Riccardo Tisci's show for Givenchy. Two gorgeous red silk dresses appeared at the end, evoking the spirit of the house DNA. Founder Valentino Garavani, 80, was seated in the front row and applauded thunderously when the show ended. The starting point of the show was Jean Clemmer and Paco Rabanne's controversial s photo collaboration called "Canned Candies," which resurfaced two years ago: Images of naked women in bold armorlike jewelry.

Maurer's show thus had a vibe of the sexual revolution with provocative dresses that bared much flesh — all held together with Rabanne's signature "69" disc.

It evoked the essence of the founder, who first cut his teeth in jewelry design. One gold fringed number made a bold gladiator-like statement, marching past to the sound of rustling metal. But some of the tailored ensembles let the collection down. Here are our favorite Qs and As from the interview. For more. What do you think about everything that has been going on with John Galliano?

Well, I think that John Galliano is a genius. I've been working with him since I was young, and I admire him. I just wish for him the best. There have been a lot of images or editorials over the last couple of years that feature all black models -- you just appeared in one called February issue. How do you feel about these types of spreads? Do you feel like they are gimmicks or do you think they help take steps toward more inclusion in fashion?

Edward Enninful is an amazing stylist for Italian Vogue, and he called me up and he asked if I would be a part of that story. Of course I said yes.

I think that anything that's going to help better the community and [allow it] to stick together and stand strong, I'm definitely going to be a part of. The story came out beautiful. So you find them empowering? I think that [diversity] is becoming a very very huge thing for the market.

Avis legging minceur skin up

I think that it'sand it's definitely time for change. And I'm just really grateful to be a leader in helping that change. Do you see yourself as the Tyra Banks or the Naomi Campbell for the next generation?

No, I look at myself for who I am. I think those girls are good at what they do, and they have an amazing name for who they are. I'm my own person, and I want people to know me for who I am.

And to see Chanel in the "Black Allure" spread. What is with these ladies?! One V. Secret model is living on water before a show and now another is gorging herself to gain 15 pounds which sounds really unbelievable considering the fact that 15 lbs would change her measurements Either side of the polarities not eating or gorging is still not a healthy image to project to women.

I have some advice for these models, how about not talking about what you eat or don't this is one time when I wish these models would stand quietly and look pretty. Stop putting this potentially harmful information out there, young girls are listening, watching and learning. If you can't say anything to upgrade the conversation don;t say anything at all!

I know this is harsh but I'm just annoyed!? See, this kind of crap is why I say the world has gone mad. What is wrong with you people!?

And what's worse is I guarantee that there not only are people out there who not only wish they could have this silly crap, but people who would actually pay that much for one. And people wonder why so many people want to raise taxes on "the rich. I personally have never seen the preoccupation and obsession with "shiny things.

But gold is too soft to be used for anything but. Yes, diamonds are ultra hard, and make for great abrasives and cutting tools, but their ridiculously exorbitant costs make them impractical in wide scale use.

And then you have things like this, or rappers who spend a half million dollars on a diamond encrusted cross, then go and rap about killing people, raping women and doing drugs. I say tax the rich at an ever increasing rate commensurate with their level of income, until everyone is within just a few thousand dollars of each other.? Have you officially made it as a model when you're a frequent victim of Photoshop disasters?

If that's the case, then we'd like formally to welcome Chanel Iman to the elite models' ranks. Just like fromsomething very egregious is going on with this new February cover of France's.

Is it just us, or are her hands the size of her face? We're pretty sure Chanel doesn't have arms that slowly expand lengthwise as they reach her wrists. A quick scan of her previous campaigns, reveals that, yep, Chanel's arms are downright normal IRL. The whole gaffe kind of reminds us of Maybe it's just a bad month for magazine cover airbrushing.