Bicycle rides new england 2014

Rides will generally be on bike paths, possibly including some easy unpaved trails. They will last an hour or two and we will travel at an easy pace. The ride will usually be followed by a lunch or dinner, which is optional. Déjà membre? Membres Meetup, connectez-vous.

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Indeed the national dress of board shorts, T-shirt and jandals is standard for most people, with perhaps a slight seasonal alteration to jeans, T-shirt and trainers in the winter, so the idea of riding a bicycle AND being stylish is an unlikely combination. Having thought it through, I believe that creating a new word is the best option and quite a common solution when you look around. Dictionaries adapt to common usage, and languages such as French create new French words to accommodate new English words, rather than have their language diluted.

I needed a new word. One with a full range of derivatives to suit every occasion. One that rolled off the tongue and was built from connected words. To get your head around it, think cosmopolitan but with a bicycle; urban style, 21st century transport. Report back on your progress and let me know if you find new and innovative ways of using it.

New galaxy edge rides

Like this very much! Trying to build bike culture here in NE Lincolnshire, England is also like speaking a foreign language to most people! But still we try, we do our bit in the hope that this area might just cotten on to sustainable common sense, prioritise urban cycling over motoring and become cyclopolitan!

Thanks for what you are doing here!

Luke Keough

It is an up hill battle in New Zealand and it is very interesting seeing what they are doing in other places during our travels. I can really relate to your experience. I also find it very difficult to explain to people that I just ride my bike as a mode of transportation and because I enjoy it, and not because I like racing or am preparing for some event.

Hi Allysse Thanks for your comments. I think a Cyclopolitan is all of these things … plus a bicycle user. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.


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