Best rides kings dominion

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Foursquare City Guide. Se connecter S'inscrire. À proximité:. Voir les photos. Intimidator - Kings Dominion. Conseils 44 Photos Intimidator - Kings Dominion. Connecte-toi pour ajouter un conseil. Arielle K Novembre 27, Even if line is long, it moves fairly quickly. Watch out for greying out though going down! Mia Peralta Juin 15, Coaster Addict Juillet 26, This is currently our second favorite roller coaster in the world! When running both trains, the lines are pretty reasonable, and the intensity is great!

Don't black out! En savoir plus. Ronny Flores Juin 2, If you are looking for an extreme ride, this is definitely the one you should go for!! Its really fast, you might black out at the bottom of the first hill! Nicole Dupras Juin 18, Wait for the front car - it's well worth it. And breathe when you're going down the hill - this will make your black out a little less severe.

Michael P. Great ride! Sometimes during the week there is only 1 train operation, but no lines! I recommend coming on Sunday.

No lines and they run both trains. It shut down as i was getting on. For the second time that day! Right before the busy season! I hope they are ready for the summer! Justin Warrenfeltz Septembre 2, You have to sit in the front for this one, it's amazing. Hands down, best ride in the park. One hell of a ride! Make sure to keep sandals and flip flops on.

Can't ride without. Wait for the front, it's worth it! Nighttime is so much better! Be sure to ask ride attendant, Dale, to explain why it is important to secure your cell phones! Marissa DeSantis Août 23, I haven't ridden this ride, but reading the blackout comments is entertainment enough for me.

Thank you. Anthony Rocco Juin 4, There is a good chance that you will start to black out at the bottom of the first hill. It's all in good fun though! Voir les photos. Dominator - Kings Dominion. Conseils 18 Photos Dominator - Kings Dominion.

Best rides kings dominion

Connecte-toi pour ajouter un conseil. Shane Messick Septembre 15, Ride this first when the park opens and last when you leave. It is so worth it! One of the smoothest steel coasters. Desi Rottman Juin 2, Jaicyn LéMar Juillet 29, This ride is a great way to start your park visit! Prepares you for all the other rides to come! Jake Smith Mai 27, Straight bad ass at the front gate.

Definitely one to hit coming in to, and leaving the park.

Best rides kings dominion

Shiloh Ring Août 26, Anna Kelma Juillet 21, Shawntia Lopez Juillet 17, Wow I almost fainted! Rumors are true the blood loss to ur brain on ur way down makes u faint.

Matt Juin 11, Chris Outlaw Juillet 30, David E. Juillet 5, Jacob Wells Juin 1, Johnny Hugg Août 19, Chris Gutierrez Octobre 12,