Ac-taxol regimen breast cancer 5k

I always preferred headscarves to wigs! I learnt so many fun and fashionable ways to tie my headscarf, and it became my favorite accessory to any outfit! I actually miss wearing them now! The organizing, campaigning and training kept me busy throughout the week!

Ac-taxol regimen breast cancer 5k

The run for the cure was my motivation to wake up in the morning and start walking, jogging then eventually running to practice my 5K! As for food, I juiced almost every day to add more nutrients to my diet!

Apple, Beets and Carrots with a little bit of ginger was my daily juice. It helped get my energy back! How did your loved ones support you? Is there any piece of advice you would share with the family members of a K fighter? My family, friends and boyfriend were my biggest cure. I was never alone in this journey. During chemotherapy treatments there was always a group of five people sitting around my chair chemo, laughing and playing games like charades!

Some times the nurses had to tell us to be quiet because we were having too much fun. Having a good support team makes ALL the difference when fighting the K.

Just be there. Is there any useful website that helped you out during your K?

Ac-taxol regimen breast cancer 5k

Which was also my motive to creating Nalie. Everything I searched on the Internet scared the shit out of me! And I felt like most sites were catered to elder women. So I created my blog with the hopes to find the other women in their 20s with breast cancer! Discussing treatments with them and other survivors was the best help I could get.

Did K change your life …? The big K changed a lot in my life. First of all, I found my passion. Yes, in writing, video recording and story telling in various ways. I find myself much more fearless, jumping into any and every opportunity that life gives me! I no longer procrastinate, or complain as much. I am just overall, so happy to be alive.

And my goal is to help others feel the same way too, without having to find out their dying! Follow Nalie on Facebook. Leave this field empty. En Rémission depuis Juillet, ! Quels traitement as tu eu?

Ac-taxol regimen breast cancer 5k

Le big K a changé beaucoup de choses dans ma vie…. Breast Cancer Stage 2B When were you diagnosed with cancer? I felt bumps in my left breast while taking a shower. Remission since July, Which kind of treatment did you undergo? Now I had my reconstruction a month ago. Un commentaire. Post grosse orga nouvelle vie …. Panier Commander Continuer vos achats. Connexion Inscription. Se souvenir de moi. Aller au contenu principal. Dimanche 15 Décembre - Ste Ninon.

Se connecter. Des chercheurs Suisse s'inquiètent après avoir découvert un risque de développement d'un autre cancer chez les personnes soumises à un traitement à base de Paclitaxel ou de Doxorubicine dans le cadre d'un traitement néo adjuvant afin de faciliter l'ablation d'une tumeur. Adobe Stock. A lire aussi : 10 choses à savoir sur la chimiothérapie. Cet article vous a intéressé? Recevez encore plus d'infos santé, en vous abonnant à la quotidienne de Medisite.

OK Votre adresse mail est collectée par Medisite. Vidéo : Chimiothérapie : certains médicaments favoriseraient les métastases. Source s : Chemotherapy elicits pro-metastatic extracellular vesicles in breast cancer models.

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