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2002 dans les parcs de loisirs

Manuels de lycée. Commander des manuels. Collège Manuels Numériques Premium. Lycée Manuels Numériques Premium. Bientôt disponible. Ce manuel est en cours de finalisation et sera très prochainement disponible. Partager sur Pronote. En savoir plus. Quel que soit l'hôtel que vous choisissez, rappelez à vos enfants d'emporter leurs Minifigures LEGO, qu'ils peuvent échanger avec des membres du personnel dans les hôtels ou dans le parc. This theme park i n Carlsbad, on the north side of San Diego County, first opened in With both onsite and nearby hotels, as well as its own water park and aquarium, LEGOLAND California has grown from a tribute to the plastic bricks into the kind of place a family could spend a few days.

Walk through Miniland USA for a visual and structural jaw-dropper: expansive miniaturized recreations of Washington D. You have to see it to believe it: an entire theme park built out of brightly colored LEGO bricks, with 60 interactive rides, shows, and attractions.

Rooms are decorated in lavish detail according to theme, so your kids can stay as princesses, knights, adventure heroes, or magic wizards. Most rides and attractions are highly interactive, so your kids will be highly engaged. In Ninjago The Ridekids put their Ninja warrior skills to the test by controlling animated fireballs, lightning, shockwaves, and ice.

At Sea Life Aquariumguests visit with more than 5, sea creatures—from sharks to seahorses to jellyfish and these are percent real, not made of LEGOs.

The thrills are on the milder side to accommodate young riders, but even so, your too-cool-for-school teenagers will let out a few screams on The Dragon rollercoaster. Dragon-shaped cars twist, turn, climb, and descend inside and out of a massive LEGO castle, home to knights, princesses, and one giant LEGO-constructed dragon.

The 4D interior-style ride seats up to four riders in a car, then glides through 13 areas guarded by NINJAGO foes like Lord Garmaddon, King of the Skulkuns, or the snake-like Great Devourer who, it turns out, can only be defeated if everyone in the car works together. Wearing your 3D glasses, you fire at targets and earn points along the way. Sensors over the lap bar help bring that magic to your fingertips—a cool fantasy-come-true for riders of pretty much any age.

Skilled teams used 20 million tiny LEGO bricks to create incredibly detailed dioramas for Miniland : stretch limos pulling up in front of a Hollywood movie premier, tiny tourists lining up in front of the Capitol Building in Washington, D.

Take your time here—the more you look, the more you see. For a different perspective on this section of the park, take the Coast Cruise ride, a no-minimum-height boat excursion that motors around the lake surrounding Miniland regime sportif oyonnax occasion gives you close-up looks at other LEGO-rendered world sites such as the Taj Mahal, the Sydney Opera House, and Mt.

As Miniland has expanded over the years, so has its fictional counterpart: the LEGO Star Wars area features scenes from the iconic film series, from the planets Tatooine and Naboo, as well as a Death Star that measures eight feet in diameter. At Fairy Tale Brookclimb aboard a whimsical boat shaped like a giant leaf to float past recreated scenes from classic stories such as The Three Little Pigs whose brick house is made of, yes, plastic bricks. Expect to get wet on rides like Splash Battlewhere riders not only shoot water from their own ships, but can get fired upon by the water cannons powered by spectators.

Take a dive in a submarine and marvel at the more than 2, real sea animals, including sharks and stingrays, that thrive below the surface.

For some quieter downtime, take the behind-the-scenes factory tourwhich shows how LEGO bricks are made, or let your little builders get creative in hands-on Duplo Play. And then there are the coasters.

For shortest lines, aim to get to the park early, head straight for furthest-away rides and attractions, then work your way back towards the entrance. Long before perfectly average Emmet had to save the world, LEGO bricks were just a bunch of really cool building blocks. LEGO animals. LEGO T-shirts.

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LEGO lunch boxes. And even LEGO wedding cake toppers. In the Ninjago section, choose from banh mi Vietnamese sandwiches on steamed bao buns.

In the Heartlake City section of the park, snack on Nutella-slathered crepes. Dip them in the accompanying vanilla cream sauce for an extra treat. The fruit fries are available at Castle Hill.

Dietary restrictions in your family? Now you no longer just visit fantasyland, you live in it. LEGOLAND California has two hotels right outside the Carlsbad theme park entrance—each with their own colorful themes, restaurants, pools, and playful features—from a disco elevator to a slide right in the lobby. Both properties are designed with traveling families in mind.

Both lobbies feature giant mosh pits full of plastic bricks, so kids can build away while grown-ups check in. Plus, all hotel guests enjoy both complimentary breakfast buffets and early entry into the park up to an hour, depending on the season.

Head into the Bricks Family Restaurant and neighboring Skyline Café, and check out the mini cityscape that has Spider-Man scaling a building and a wizard reading a book by a rooftop pool. Industrial-strength glue holds the sculptures together, so go ahead and touch. With either hotel, remind your kids to pack their LEGO Mini Figureswhich they can trade with staffers at the hotels or in the park.

Gentler rides and play areas are delineated by a cuddly teddy bear on the park map. What could be more mind-blowing than the attention to detail here? The amount of bricks to make it all happen: more than 32 million. For children five and under, DUPLO Playtown is a place to slide, climb, and explore playhouses and other interactive structures—which include a hospital, a barn, and a supermarket—decked out with buttons, games, and, of course, plenty of giant LEGO bricks.

Forget a swimsuit?

There are plenty of hands-on toys, including water cannons and giant squirt guns. Help the kids build their own boats to take on the water slide, or just let them go at it while you retire to a poolside cabana, a worthwhile splurge for the day; it includes lounge chairs, a mini fridge, complimentary drinks, and the most important commodity of the day—shade.

For Halloween, the goal is to entertain—not frighten—the smaller set.

Let's go to the park!

At Christmastime, the park is aglow with twinkle lights and music. On special nights in December, add holiday fireworks and light shows to the mix. Exploring the aquarium can take just about an hour, but you can extend the time easily if you come for one of the scheduled events, like the tank feedings or the animal encounters.

Check out the Jellyfish Discovery Zone, where of the enigmatic creatures dance around their own version of a disco, with ceiling-high tube tanks and rainbow-colored spotlights. Une visite de Long Beach ne serait pas complète sans un passage par le Cette salle de cinéma de style asiatique, qui projette des films depuisreste une valeur sûre pour découvrir des avant-premières à Hollywood, avec ses projecteurs, Error message Lingotek profile ID 4 not found.

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Did you know? There are few adventure parks in the world. Right or wrong? Where does Disneyland exist? London, Paris or New York? There are two Disneyland parks in the USA. Lecture auto. Look at the leaflets and match each letter with its description. Design your own leaflet to promote your ideal park. Follow the template on the left. You may have to print it. Pick one adventure park you like and make some suggestions. Réfléchis : a Ces phrases expriment-elles une suggestion, un ordre ou un interdit?

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