Scariest haunted house pays you to finish

I should say that on some occasion, regulation of your employees, torturers, whatever their official name on property is should take place to avoid blunt physical harm to those going through. I understand the experience is extreme, but that does not mean people should be bluntly assaulted, say given a black eye, for not wanting to participate any longer.

This is my opinion on this rare occasion. All you people who enjoy this shit are fucked up in the head. The people who work there are as well. Probably have weird fetishes, and you signing up just gets them off.

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No normal thinking person would enjoy going through this or doing it to someone. And to anyone who's gonna try to bash me, no need to make yourself look stupid. You hear everyone say that you shouldn't do it but if I had the money I would without hesitation, call me stupid or idiotic etc but it's got to be done.

If you have been hearing about Mckamey Manor but haven't seen any of it for yourself, here is some links to some info and videos. This place is nothing close to a haunted house, it's a place of complete torture. I have watched videos where people lost reality, they bust your body all up and smack you, feed you who knows what, pull teeth, practically drown you, etc.

They abuse you physically and mentally until you can't take it anymore, and even then they don't feel bad for yo … u and continue to scare and hurt you after you tell them you're done.

Russ Mckamey is a demented person who has pretty much hired a bunch of fetish people and has mind controlled them to do what he wants to feed his problem.

It's disgusting, it's humilitating, and it is honestly very very sad. First of all Who would do this shit? Imma put hands on ya. Aller vers. Sections de cette Page. Aide accessibilité. Adresse e-mail ou mobile Mot de passe Informations de compte oubliées? Explorez les commerces locaux sur Facebook. McKamey Manor Maison hantée.

En voir plus. Publications concernant McKamey Manor. Ohh did we forget to mention you can vote more than once, actually as many times as you would like! On Sunday October 27 one winner will randomly be selected who tagged their 3 friends, voted and commented what position we were in at the time of voting. October 24 - Jyoti will be signing autographs and taking picture with fans! She'll be at the manor following the onsite ticket booth hours.

This opportunity is presented by In Person Productions. Plus you can add on and test your luck in one of our escape rooms, buried alive experience, the maze or kick back in the Straub Scream Bar on Fridays and Saturdays and enjoy a cold beer. Only a few more weeks to visit Pittsburgh's largest haunted attraction! Passez à.

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McKamey Manor

Are you afraid of the dark? Experience the manor tonight. Hundred Acres Manor Haunted House a partagé une publication. Stay tuned for their video soon. Tickets are extremely limited and this event has sold out the past 4 years.

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