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Même nos dessins cherchent à rester dans la définition typologique, architecturale et performantielle des ouvrages avec un descriptif contraignant quant aux performances et aux attentes architecturales, mais sans marquer une préférence pour un produit ou un autre. Nous intéressons tout de même certains fournisseurs, notamment lorsque nous pouvons collaborer à la conception et mise au point de nouveaux produits.

Glazing samples Echanillons de vitrage 8. VS-A attend many conferences, big and small, with two targets: communicating about our activities, projects and research, and listening to our colleagues, both architects and engineers present and explaining theirs.

Exchanges at these face-to-face meetings are also more interesting than what we can read in magazines or glean from the internet. We love exchanging anecdotes, approaches, hopes, unsuccessful or ongoing research, solutions and difficulties encountered as this is our passion, but also a day-to-day reality for many of us. It helps us to get to know each other and encourages future collaborations. Without any doubt, we love conferences!

VS-A participe à de nombreuses conférences, grandes et petites, et ce avec un double objectif : communiquer sur nos activités, projets ou recherches, Elles permettent de mieux nous connaître, de nous faire connaître et elles augurent souvent de collaborations futures. Pas de doute, nous aimons les conférences! Each of our companies have a very different and specific approach for these topics, and both the management and the employees play a decisive role in setting the rules.

There is no direct relation with the work, but there are indirect mutual benefits. So we all agree on the fact that people need time to practice sports and attend cultural events. In our offices, most of the employees are smart champions. Nos entreprises ont des positions différentes et spécifiques sur ces sujets, et tant la direction que les employés jouent un rôle décisif dans la mise en place des règles.

Dans nos bureaux, la plupart de nos employés sont des grands champions. Et ceux qui ne le sont pas encore sont sur le point de le devenir.

In France, the office organizes yearly trips to visit some of our distant projects, but the reduced working time allows each person to practice sport or attend cultural events in a more individual way.

It is obviously one of the most active cities regarding culture. In Hong Kong, some of us practice table tennis and the table is located in the middle of the room, while others practice gym together. Cultural activities are … not that numerous in this city that focuses more on finance, shopping and eating. Although this is not totally true! There are fantastic opportunities for hiking, and many of us go hiking during the weekends. Some Friday nights our office transforms into a concert place.

Kevin, at both the guitars and the drums directs a little orchestra which includes some employees and relatives. In Korea, Naree introduced from the very beginning the cultural after-noon break. It happens once every month, and time is spent all together to visit museums or attend other cultural events.

Obviously, we see our work as a cultural activity, obviously very close to architecture but also to art in all its various expressions. The observation and understanding of artworks allows us to develop more easily innovative concepts in our work. Last but not least, Sunhoo is a passionate of fashion, and marathon-runner Naree climbs mountain high.

Il est intéressant de rappeler que Lille a été élue capitale européenne de la culture en et a accueilli de nombreux événements culturels de renommée nationale et internationale.

Les activités culturelles ne sont pas très développées dans cette ville qui place les finances, le shopping et la restauration au centre de ses préoccupations. Bien que cela ne soit pas tout à fait vrai! Il existe de nombreuses possibilités pour faire de la randonnée aux alentours de la ville. Certains vendredis soirs, notre bureau se transforme en une salle de concert. Kevin, à la guitare et à la menu minceur maison, dirige un petit orchestre composé de certains employés et proches.

Une fois par mois, les employés visitent un musée ou participent ensemble à un événement culturel. Dernier point, mais pas des moindres : Sunhoo est passionné de mode, et la coureuse de marathon Naree escalade de très hautes montagnes. Energy Pro is a Franco-Romanian company that has been located on our premises since their set-up in They are specialists in energy, power and utility supplies.

The areas in which our competences liposuccion ou lifting des cuisses enable us to put in place research and development programs, and our fields of work can be extended when we collaborate on projects.

We have collaborated indeed on many projects in France and abroad, like the refurbishing of social housing. Legal experts do sometimes contact us not only to investigate the origin of problems and failures, but also to repair them.

Some clients do also contact us directly as they know us or heard about us. For them, we created OP-EN, an architectural branch office. OP-EN intervient principalement en réhabilitation, en maintenance et en travaux après expertise judiciaire.

Most of the construction details can and should be designed according to architectural considerations. A detail can tell a story on its own, but also tell a collective story with the adjacent details. A construction detail can, in some extreme conditions, even become the inspiration for the whole project. We are convinced that when we work on a project, there is a part of our work that directly relates to Architecture. Our façade details can express some abstract independent aesthetic values, but most of the time they tell a story.

This story can be related to the different parts of the project, but most of the time we try to link them to the real original concepts of the project. Consulat de Pologne renovation, Lille. Réhabilitation du Consulat de Pologne, Lille 3. University library, Pau Bibliothèque universitaire, Pau 4.

Housing Meaux street, Paris. If you have been fortunate enough to have already strolled in the magnificent gardens of the Villa Borghese in Rome, and have visited the museum there, the name of Giovanni VASANZIO will not be completely unknown to you.

The fame of this architect is essentially due to his work on the villa Borghese. Sculptor and engraver in equal measure, he brought his own personal touch to façade architecture. He designed in particular the Acqua Paola Sisto fountain. The architect, born in in Utrecht spent the best part of his life in the eternal city where his name was Italianised.

Could he have been the first ever façade consultant? Serait-il le précurseur des consultants façades? No relationship has been discovered, but this is a wonderful story of psychogenealogy. Two men, two eras, with a shared passion! Deux hommes, deux époques, et une passion commune! La notoriété de cet architecte tient essentiellement de son travail sur la villa Borghese. Villa Borghese plan 2. Villa Mondragone 3. Fountain of Acqua Paola 4. Architect Architecte The office project, named YIDIAN, is the outcome of intentions that were completed thanks to the important cooperations among all the contributors.

With an open mindedness, the client allowed us to stand firm on our architectural objectives by giving us his confidence. We were able to surround ourselves with experts in order to turn our intentions into reality. From then, some exciting discussions and exchanges about aesthetics, constructability, economics, materials, etc… were launched. The complicity between JFA and VSA has contributed to the rationality of the project and at the same time gave us an advantage on developing the architectural aspect.

The successful cases of VSA have undergone the test of our architectural requirements and the limited economical budget. Since the first designs, VSA insisted on moving closer to become in symbiosis.

The contractor company quickly realized that there was no competition, but a complementary relationship. Through this teamwork, we finally achieved a project today which satisfies all contributors. I met Robert-Jan through the project at No. We had a problems regarding facade design. After in-depth studies by local curtain wall companies, the details of the JFA scheme cannot achieve project expectations, both in terms of systems and cost, which caused the project to be in a critical situation.

Recommended pride and prejudice full movie dailymotion the JFA architect Ms. Nous sommes arrivés avec des problèmes sur le design de la façade. The first meeting with Robert-Jan was during winter, and was impressed by his clothing. The winter in Shanghai is quite cold, but Robert-Jan was dressed in a short-sleeved shirt. After a brief discussion, RobertJan set about his work and presented a very striking scheme report later.

His design, exceeds conventional curtain wall detail design, elevating technical design to a form of artistic design.

He is truly an architect of architects. Such reasonable system, logic and process greatly facilitate the project at No. For this, I would like to express my gratitude to RobertJan and to Ms.

Wang Qiao for her recommendation! Après une courte discussion, Robert Jan nous a présenté son travail et plus tard une synthèse du projet très impressionnante. Un tel design dépasse beaucoup celui du mur rideau, il élève le design technique à un design artistique.

Son système de logique facilitera grandement le projet Tianlin. Shanghai Kesheng Curtain Wall Co. Thanks for your technical guidance in the project. Très heureux de notre collaboration technique et du travail de design dans la recherche et le développement du Bâtiment rue de Tianlin à Shanghai.

Je vous remercie pour votre collaboration sur le présent projet. In the process of deepening the sun-shading system, both sides had in-depth exchanges on material selection according to design technology, production experience and capacity of their respective countries, and ultimately adopted sun louver made of both argil plate and aluminum plate.

In terms of the structural and tectonic systems, both sides reasonably optimized the structural section through mutual communication and exchange. La difficulté réside dans le système de brise-soleil conçu par la firme française de JFA Architecture. La structure et le système tectonique ont été optimisés par la communication et les échanges entre les deux parties. From to Mr.

In Mr. Prossnigg joined Coop Himmelb l au in Vienna. During the past years he has been active mainly on projects based in France and China. De à Mr. En Mr. Durant ces dernières années il était en charge des projets en France et en Chine. Quite the contrary, technical mastery serves as a tool in the development of projects, to maintain and underpin both feasibility, and all the other aspects involved in a design project. The expertise, experience but also the inventive approach taken by this practice has given rise to some ingenious and insightful responses to complex issues, satisfying and even surprising!

Parallel to the achievements and competitions, the workshop focuses on developing a permanent research that focuses on the development of housing typologies and the protection of the environment. The Brenac-Gonzalez architectural workshop has designed many projects with the Robert Jan Van Santen engineering consultancy and each experience has released the same energy and the same alchemy.

The intuitive spark of the first idea and its contribution to the project, on contact, suddenly becomes possible. Models are made, dimensions became real, thicknesses are converted into profiled pieces, seals or standards.

The solutions envisaged at the outset evolve. They are no longer limited to joinery but extend to the outer structure, to the covering, detail is all-pervasive and procure technical intelligence and architectural cohesion. Examples such as Buildingwith its windows with random projections, or that in Toulouse with its multicoloured boxes, or the Lycée Guillaume Tirel school with its rigour and repetition are demonstrations of the fruits of such collaboration.

The collège Jean Perrin, and various professional schools which are currently being constructed also demonstrate mastery of the interfaces between exterior wall facings, outdoor joinery, and functional or environmental elements.

Together, we precisely determined the transformation of a simple rolling shutter into cladding, terracotta. Each time invention plays its part and ideas are turned into solutions, a new pleasure every time. Les exemples comme le bâtimentavec ses fenêtres aux saillies aléatoires, ou celui de Toulouse avec ses boîtes multicolores, ou encore le lycée Guillaume Tirel avec sa rigueur et sa répétition en sont la démonstration et le fruit de cette collaboration.

The Lille Courthouse, his first work of national stature, is no exception. This is because of its function, its location in the centre of Vieux-Lille, its imposing concrete-panel prefabricated walls, its status as a high-rise building, as well as its electric light bulbs which were placed too high for easy replacements without significantly increasing its operating costs.

However, this building bursts with interesting plastic features. The brutalist materials are perfectly appropriate here. The imposing ornamental details have always characterised judicial buildings, and its details were perfectly designed and often simply sublime! The small m-wide ventilation shafts in polished anodised aluminium, the alabaster columns, the bronze gutters: it is all a pure delight for us as lovers of details! The issue that brought us to look at this building was the curtain wall of the concourse.

It was designed by Pilkington and was made from tempered glass suspended at the cornersand hanged one over the other until the highest one, which is held mechanically. It is a system that is quite similar to the greenhouses in the Parc de la Villette, constructed some fifteen years later by Peter RICE.

Each thread is stabilised by a pair of glass cantilevered mullions, placed perpendicular to the glass. One is fixed to the ground, the other to the ceiling.

However, some faulty details do let this work down. Including glazing that smashes regularly. A competition was organised and we were declared the winners. Our proposal was a glass curtain wall with fullheight mullions that were as thin as possible, which had two lateral and symmetrical grooves that acts as continuous rabbets to hold the glass. Blocks placed at the corners of the glass panes would allow a transom-free structure.

The mullions were made from extruded stainless steel, with two supports at the top to act as clamps. This allowed the cross-section of the mullion to be as small as possible. The extrusion production process, which followed the UgineSéjournet process French patent from gave the profiles a surface finish similar to laminated profiles. The initially planned stretching of the metal is in fact pointless, as the straightness of the profiles is wholly satisfactory.

The compactness of the profile had one major disadvantage: its. The wielding was carried out on the construction site and required 4 hours of intermittent work. The site did not present any particular problems, except the destruction of the existing façade. Its unpredictable nature meant that we had to resort to demolition by explosives! This motivated us all to reconstruct the new façade quickly.

It is best not to make enemies in these places.

Le problème qui a justifié notre intervention est la verrière de la salle des Pas-Perdus. Quelques détails défaillants auront toutefois raison de cet ouvrage dont des verres cassent régulièrement. Le calage aux coins des verres rend inutile les traverses. La compacité du profilé a un inconvénient majeur : sa masse oblige à recourir à 3 profilés qui doivent être raboutés par soudure. Cela nous a tous motivés pour vite reconstruire la nouvelle façade.

Forum is in more ways than one the focal point of the Geesseknäppchen school campus in Luxembourg. The entire project was designed by the Swiss town planner Nadir Touaa. It consists of five buildings entrusted to five architectural agencies. The Forum is essentially a large refectory area for students, as well as being a function room which can be used to host examinations or shows. Since the outset, the project had a circular plan with a diameter of approximately 60 metres.

Our involvement proposed the following: a saw tooth façade in order to avoid a faceted glass facade which would not be attractive in this project ; windows which can be opened for natural ventilation as recommended by the Swiss energy company BASLER ; horizontal shutters which are curved and provides a sunshield, and whose density varies according to how they are positioned.

The periphery of the space was crowned with a colourful glass cap so that people will not have to close the external venetian blinds at midday, whenever the students are in the refectory area, and whenever the sun is bright enough. The issue of maintaining the façades resulted in some interesting solutions: we recommended to place small balconies on each floor, and the efficiency of which had been secretly tested on the TGI façade in Lille by a local Lille-based cleaning company.

According to the specialist, this method worked well, but we soon realised that it would work even better if the cleaner was left-handed like me. With a video to help, I presented our solution to the project manager who replied that in Luxembourg, building maintenance is not carried out by right- or left-handed people but rather by very unqualified staff, and even those on unemployment benefits and such. And bang! We were then forced to have footbridges with railings around the periphery on all levels.

We will finally be able to convince the customer to opt for footbridges equipped with mobile railings, which is not only a more aesthetic solution, but a more economical one too!

Our relationships with other consultants are generally superb, and this has been reaffirmed by this project. However, we did not see architectural issues in the same way, and proof can be provided here with two examples: For the peripheral canopy, the BET structure refused to use any cantilever beams in excess of two metres, while four are needed.

It is impossible to resolve the situation by any other means apart from designing a dual-level structure, one made by them, and the other developed by us. There is. And, as for the framework for the dome-shaped central area, the same agency will develop our underlying beam proposal, but in a rather more complex form. They will also receive a well-deserved compensation for their work.

We have to learn how to make the best of everyone, and to freely celebrate the successes. Because of its extensive size, the project included a number of areas far from the façades, where there was consequently little natural daylight. We therefore proposed a centrallypositioned light shaft, installed on the upper section using a skylight titled towards the north, and which peaks six metres higher than the initial cover.

A conical shape had been retained in order to provide maximum diffuse light, and to channel this into the multi-purpose room on the ground floor. Its walls are made from curved glass so that the restaurant upstairs can also benefit from natural light.

I do try to visit the college refectory at least once during each of my visits to the Grand Duchy. And the experience is even more enjoyable when I am able to do so with my wife, whom I met when on this project when she was a project manager working for the architect. Lille avec une entreprise de nettoyage lilloise. Il y a toujours une solution, même si parfois le résultat est un peu original!

Ensuite, pour la charpente de la couverture centrale, en forme de dôme, le même bureau développera sans difficultés notre proposition de poutres sous-tendues, pourtant autrement plus complexe. Il faut apprendre à tirer le meilleur de chacun. Et apprécier sans retenue les réussites. De par sa profondeur, le projet comportait de nombreuses zones bien éloignées des façades, et donc peu éclairées naturellement. Nous avons donc proposé un grand puits de lumière en partie centrale, surmonté en partie haute par une verrière inclinée vers le Nord et culminant 6 mètres plus haut que la couverture initiale.

Une forme conique fut retenue pour faire entrer un maximum de lumière diffuse, et pour la canaliser vers la salle polyvalente au rez-de-chaussée.

It was essentially their first competition. Their working method is completely atypical: everything, absolutely everything is designed and decided using models. Even before drawings are created. Their large agency is full of models, of all scales, of different materials, with some parts cut away, and bits of recycled projects. They sit on tables, hang from walls and windows … A real hodgepodge. But this way of working physically with the product produces miracles!

The sublime mashrabiya fretwork on the south façade, for example, obviously could not have been designed otherwise. Grasshopper would have provided hundreds of solutions and variations, but a model provided a simple, efficient and sublime solution. And when one can manufacture something simply using paper, we can imagine that the contractor must be able to follow up just as easily… Unfortunately, we were in a recession and the contractor chosen responded with an under-estimation of the complexity of the work.

Probably deliberately. This is inexcusable and causes irreparable damage to public contract. The completed project demonstrates the great architectural qualities of the project … but some construction details reveals only the difficult history of the construction. Glass façades tell a story that is highly characteristic of our profession. They are a strong architectural concept and an ambitious, tailor-made technical solution. It is a real battle against companies that would prefer to simplify the technical side and save money at the expense of architecture.

Take a simple metre-high curtain wall as an example, it is considered simple for its elegance and delicacy, but it is actually made of formidable technical complexity. The geometry and height of the façades, as well as the volume of the project produced an architectural concept that intends to mark the verticality of the curtain wall with deep laminated timber mullions, and erase its horizontality: this curtain wall has no transoms, just silicone joints between pieces of glass. After long negotiations during the execution phase, the result almost reached our expectations.

The lack of transom meant that production and installation of mullions must be highly accurate. The tiniest discrepancy has repercussions on the depth of the rabbets, the width of the mullions and the thickness of the joins between panes. This time, it is not possible to rely on the transoms to adjust the mullions during installation, nor can they be relied upon to support the mullions against mechanic instabilities such as leakage under wind pressure, or buckling under the weight of the glass.

Of course, the key is the width of the mullions: the thinner. The thicker the mullion, the simpler the calculations and installation. The objective is to satisfy both architectural and mechanical requirements. Our pre-sizing, which was already very advanced, envisaged laminated timber mullions of a cross-section of mm x mm.

The contractor, after a rough sizing, suggested a mm x mm cross-section. After weeks of discussion between developer, company, building inspector and client on hypotheses, calculation methods and architectural quality, the contractor staunchly refused to refine its calculations. We assigned a neutral design office for external arbitration. The CALVI design office, which specialises in wooden structures, finally judged that a mm x mm cross-section is acceptable.

Three calculation methods and three different results. A compromise after hours of negotiations. Quasiment son premier concours. Et leur vaste agence est remplie de maquettes, à toutes échelles, avec les matériaux les plus divers, avec des parties écorchées, des bouts de projet recyclés.

Elles sont posées sur des tables, accrochées aux murs ou aux fenêtres, … Un pêle-mêle incroyable Et cette manière de travailler physiquement le projet produit des miracles! Probablement délibérément. Cette réalisation confirme les grandes qualités architecturales du projet … mais certains détails constructifs ne racontent que la difficile histoire du chantier.

Les façades vitrées présentent une histoire très caractéristique de notre profession. Plus le montant est épais, plus les calculs sont simples, plus la pose est simple. Notre pré-dimensionnement, déjà très poussé, prévoit des montants de section bois lamellé-collé de mm par mm. Trois méthodes de calcul, des résultats différents.

Un compromis trouvé après des heures de négociations. The building has a simple geometry, a conventional internal layout and all its windows are laid out on the façade. This goal was achieved due to the invaluable contribution of the TRIBU agency with their highly ingenious measures, particularly with respect to a cooling network glued to the underlying slab surface there are no suspended ceilings.

A simple façade for simple programs. The enclosure and covering was created economically and identically around the periphery with pierced shear walls, generously heatinsulated externally and comprised of insulated glazed windows with low-emission coating and wood joinery.

The surroundings were taken into account with an outside screen installed mm in front of all the façades. The purpose of this screen is to shield the offices from traffic noises from the North. It is comprised of glass panels and installed in a non-connective way to prevent a chimneyeffect which might encourage the spread of fire. To add visual interest to this m urban façade, the glass panels integrates subtle variations in slope.

Clear and laminated glass lie at passage level with tilted point-fixed structural glazing systems, where the upper part of the glass panel is held by two studs and very small tooled polyamide shims in the corners. We performed loading and shock tests before the launch of contractor bidding.

The architect asked us to design wooden blinds for efficient protection against the sun from the South. Individual powering was given priority over general powering, but this was abandoned in the end due to high-maintenance concerns there are more than blinds. Is this really a solution worthy of an energy efficient building?

We thus developed an atypical drive system for the blinds with a view to allow what we imagine to be easier manoeuvring from the inside. This required simply opening the window and, without leaning outside, pushing apart or pulling together two levers fixed to the blinds with die-cast aluminium parts. Akin to motorcycle stands, the springs allowed for a single open. As a precaution, the contracting authority asked that a prototype is to be made available to employees and unions for trial purposes.

This was adopted unanimously! In reality it is not a joke because it really is an exercise, and an exercise that is good for you! A programme simple des façades simples. Au Nord, cet écran a vocation à protéger les bureaux du bruit routier. Des essais de chargement et de chocs furent réalisés par nous-même, avant le lancement de la consultation des entreprises.

After several weeks of work on the housing project at Porte Montmartre in Paris, Jean-François and Eric ask me about creating conceptual details for the Théâtre du Mans.

We quickly put together the contractor team to design the façades of the complex, built on the old car park of the famous Le Mans 24 hours. It materialised as optimised mullions that rested at the top on a set of rods, which transmits minimum effort onto the roof structure, thus preserving its outstanding sleekness. There are no transoms to ruin this verticality. Only edge-to-edge joints in a quincunx mark the outline of the panes of glass. Cinema: The contrast between the opaque volume of the screening rooms overlooking the totally glass foyer has led us to develop a glazed façade with no mullions.

Through an upper and lower rabbet, the glazing is juxtaposed to maximise the transparency of the entrance to the Pathé cinema. Exhibition room: This space is at the back of the complex, where the old Le Mans 24 Hours car park was located. It is characterised by large corten steel vertical louvres, whose orientation can be adjusted according to how the exhibition rooms are being used.

Their creation was the subject of numerous constructive exchanges with the company Coveris.

EP2489374A1 - Gel d'acide hyaluronique pour injection intradermique - Google Patents

Their exceptional size and corten steel entails a significant weight. Aucune traverse ne perturbera cette verticalité.

Seuls des joints bord à bord en quinconce marquent la trame des vitrages. Leur taille exceptionnelle en acier corten entraine un poids de vantelle orientable conséquent.

VS-A, the Tour Odéon is a flagship project, both literally and figuratively. This tower in Monaco has 57 floors and is m above the ground and contains the very highest quality housing.

Thus, the balcony guardrail is not trivial. Like the doors and windows, it is part of the façade structures that users appreciate and touch, a bit like a piece of furniture. We kept this in mind to be able to design them correctly. The procurement procedure for public contracts prompted us to draw up highly performance-based bidding documents, with numerous very ambitious technical constraints such as structural silicone glazing façades with curved and fireproof spandrel glass.

Cette tour de 57étages de hauteur, culmine à Monaco avec une hauteur de m au-dessus du sol et abrite des logements de luxe. In addition, they ensure significant sun protection for the openings to the housing units. Here is how the balustrade was designed : To encourage transparency from the inside, we opted for a glass balustrade, with studs every 3.

For an elegant appearance from the outside, these studs are concealed behind the glass. The upper transverse structure is voluminous to take into account the range, but more importantly to provide a sense of comfort and safety to people leaning on it. It is of polished stainless steel for limited maintenance and tests were carried out to ensure that it does not heat dangerously when exposed to the sun. The horizontal lines of the balustrade merge with the lines of the curtain wall to enhance the visual unity of the façade.

Last but not least, we have defined an implementation system using prefabricated components with attachments that are fully adjustable in forward and rotational movement to ensure perfect alignment. Accessoirement ils assurent une appréciable protection solaire aux baies des logements.

Le vitrage est en verre feuilleté, cintré à chaud, avec un composant teinté en bleu et une. Comme les portes et les fenêtres, elle fait partie de ces quelques ouvrages en façade que les utilisateurs côtoient et touchent, un peu comme un meuble.

Il faut avoir ça en tête pour les concevoir correctement. Some projects seem destined for us. Back inwe collaborated with Jacques Ferrier to take part in the competition for the future Musée des Confluences in Lyon. Alas, we lost… 8 years later, following the departure of the engineering consulting company due to technical problems with the envelope, Jean Loup Patriarche, in collaboration with Coop HIMMELB L AU, calls us to put together a general contractor team responsible for taking over the current documents to create new tender documents in 3 months.

This challenge was our last chance to finish the project… I still remember it now — Robert-Jan and I walked into that construction site portacabin to introduce ourselves to Grégory Perrin, the project manager at the time and still the authority on the museum. This was the genesis of a close, 6-year collaboration to build this outstandingly complex project, which can be divided into 6 parts: The first part of the building is made up of a mainly glazed monumental area, known as the Crystal.

A parallelogram test was carried out firstly in order to check that the movement. This project has motorised louvres for comfort ventilation, air supply and smoke evacuation in the area. These louvres were made with structural silicone glazing frames and underwent a specific study to develop joints that would ensure that these tilted frames are watertight. The main slope of the roof plummets down to become one of the major elements of the architectural project, the gravity well.

This part ensures the transition between the rectangular panes to faceted glazing, and, bit by bit, becomes an interior element. The heated glass is made up of 2 semilenses and boasts quadruple glazing.

One of the glass layers has an active, low-emissivity surface that acts as an element connected to electrodes, thus increasing the temperature of the glazing. This heated glass ensures that snow on the outside melts not only in ordinary snowfall, but also after an accumulation from an avalanche from the roof. The cone is made up of curved glass bonded on just two sides.

These panes are all of different shapes, slightly tilted and held at the bottom by safety clamps. Access to the interior of this construction is assured by a lifting hatch door at the bottom of the cone. The many-shaped glass panes are all faceted and sometimes crooked. Their distinctiveness lies in the need to check the movements of the glass panes when the frame undergoes a parallelogram test, due to the movements of the metal framework supporting the construction because of climate loads.

Gontran Dufour. Il y a des projets qui nous sont prédestinés. Une vérification de la mise en parallélogramme des vitrages a donc été réalisée afin de vérifier dans un premier temps la compatibilité des mouvements avec la vitamines cheveux vegan de la feuillure et dans un second temps de prescrire des calages particuliers pour certains vitrages le nécessitant, évitant ainsi tout contact entre les vitrages et le canal de fixation des profils.

Le vitrage chauffant est composé de 2 demi-lentilles dont le verre est un quadri-feuilleté. Une des couches du verre possède une surface active à basse émissivité faisant office de résistance connecté à des électrodes, produisant ainsi une montée en température du vitrage.

Le cône est composé de vitrages cintrés collées sur seulement 2 bords. Tous de géométrie différentes, ces verres sont aussi légèrement inclinés, et retenue en partie basse par des pattes de sécurité.

Les verrières aux géométries multiples sont toutes facettées et parfois gauche. Cette partie assure la transition entre les verres de formes rectangulaires. Capot 2. Pattes de fixations ponctuelles du vitrage 3.

Cadre triangulaire menuiser en aluminium 5. Joint silicone sur fond de joint. Due to the very special geometry of the slope roof, we had to define the climatic snow loads can by angeometry avalanche, to we were Due tobe thecaused veryto special thewhich slope we had to we define Due the very special of geometry ofroof, the slope roof, hadthe to de assigned a ten-year storm strength.

Exploded glazing cone geometry des and glazing of We once worked on an exciting restructuring project of a large shopping centre in the centre of Stuttgart… and he recontacted us for this project which is intended to be his own home. The project is not a very big one, located in a geographical area a bit far from our base, in a country where the German thermal regulations are known to be restrictive… But it has a clever geometry that meets local regulations by imposing a double-sloped roof, and daringly, concrete masonry that acts as both structure and thermal insulation, which will be visible from both outside and inside.

The issue of bay windows in such a complex is a new subject, and not an easy one. La question des baies vitrées dans un tel complexe est un sujet nouveau et pas évident à réaliser.

The project contains macro and micro challenges. The macro challenge is to define thermal performances for all components to meet German regulations. The Transsolar design firm will provide an overview, but will not perform any calculations. The first pleasant surprise: the Ug of a leading-edge triple glazing demonstrates, in the vertical position, an Ug of 0.

With an unpleasant surprise: we must nonetheless reduce the glazed surface. We prefer to resolve the problem by concentrating on the metal joinery and we are developing a thermal break principle using perforations. A 3D analysis showed us that insulation gains are considerable and significant, which certainly makes it the most economical thermally broken structured steel joinery on the market!

After a number of years, Forster, a steel process development engineer would use the same design but with more sophisticated technology. The micro challenge is to place the joinery in this wall without creating a risk of condensation. Yet again, thermal simulations are used to design a table meeting this requirement, by precisely defining the area that must be treated by with a vapour-barrier.

The project will endure numerous trials and tribulations, and will at the end be sold to a private client who will certainly live there happily and comfortably: the high thermal inertia ensures unsurpassed temperature control.

Le projet comporte des macro et micro défis. Le bureau Transsolar est chargé de faire la synthèse, mais se refuse à faire le moindre calcul. Nous préférons résoudre le problème en nous concentrant sur les menuiseries métalliques et développons un principe de coupure thermique par perforation.

Un calcul en 3D nous démontrera que les gains en isolation sont significatifs et déterminants, ce qui en fait certainement le profilé de menuiserie acier à coupure thermique le plus économique du marché! Forster, un gammiste acier, reprendra quelques années après le même concept, mais réalisé avec une technologie plus sophistiquée. Le défi micro est de placer la menuiserie dans ce mur sans créer un risque de condensation.

Là encore, des simulations thermiques vont permettre de concevoir un tableau répondant à cette exigence, en définissant précisément la zone qui doit être traitée en pare-vapeur. Le projet connaîtra beaucoup de vicissitudes, et finira par être vendu à un client privé qui y vit certainement heureux et confortablement : la forte inertie thermique du béton assure une régulation thermique sans pareil. This also foreshadowed their success for other competitions. The building is particularly atypical, with a cross-shaped plan, circulation cores positioned at the ends and on the 1st floor, and in the centre of a large reading room.

There was still, however, near the end of the EPA, nothing worth considering for the façade of this reading room, and OMA called us to discuss this. Any solution with non-transparent costs was excluded from the outset. This meant fitting a 6. This will create some tension and deadlock. Last but not least, we had an assignment shared by Elioth and the OMA to take part in analysing this solution up until its implementation with static prototype testing.

Elioth is using relevant shape research software to optimise the curves to reduce the stress inside the glass under wind loads. The file was submitted to the Italian mirror manufacturer Sunglas, who provided their input and retain the central curves in place. The other parts will be curved as seen fit so there is as little stress as possible in the glass during manufacturing! More good news: the static tests showed that the glazing is certainly quite rigid and durable, and that the contracting authority, who made the trip, was sold on the idea.

Final important elements: the impact of this type of. We can safely say that the Ug will fall between the Ug of traditional-style insulating glazing and that of glazing with an air gap of mm.

The explanation was both convincing The façade was completed with very reasonable implementation costs: the joinery was straightforward and installed very quickly. Le fichier est transmis au miroitier italien Sunglas, qui y ajoute logiquement son grain de sel et ne retient que les courbes centrales, axées. Le bâtiment est éminemment atypique, avec un plan en croix, des noyaux de circulation placés aux extrémités et au 1er étage, en son centre une grande salle de lecture.

La façade est sortie à un coût de réalisation finalement très raisonnable : la menuiserie étant traditionnelle ce qui a permis une pose très rapide. Toutes les solutions avec des montants opaques sont exclues.

Cela créera quelques tensions et blocages. Elioth utilise un intéressant logiciel de recherche de forme. And of all this in record time! The architect wanted to place a greater emphasis on horizontal and vertical lines whilst maintaining the framework. Various concepts called for innovative answers. Because of its exposure, we had to test some technical boundaries we had become accustomed to seeing within the service industry.

Let us start with light: for this project, it was essential to incorporate natural light into deep patios so that it could be directed towards plateaus. We were then able to supply the lower reaches of patios and offices with light by placing reflective strips on the façade, all while protecting the building. The geometry of the patios and the reflection of light created by façade elements, cladding, and glazing, allowed us to provide levels of light capacity as part of a brand-new construction.

The second concept combines light and winter thermal performance levels: glazed surfaces help with the former but not with the latter. We have reduced heat loss by limiting the woodwork surfaces by refining certain profiles. Furthermore, each carpentry profile has been subject to maximising final thermal capacity in order to reduce a loss in heat.

All of this is required to achieve an overall balance between light and heat. Reducing ventilation holes improves dual-skin performance levels, however it does mean that the outer skin is at risk from steaming up. We have implemented a 3D fluid calculation model in transient dynamic mode throughout the design phase in order to assess and optimise the number of days when there is a risk of steaming up. This assessment has been verified by a CSTB steam-retardant test carried out during running programs.

The extractors are positioned inside the PRS steel beam to the right of the connection in between the façade and the skylight. Introducing pathways between architectural and technical trains of thought allows you to configure construction details which are consistent with architectural designs, and vice-versa on occasions.

Such developments involve much to-ing and fro-ing and cooperation between all stakeholders, including the inspection bureau. The outer structure is no less subject to regulatory and economic constraints and has to meet increasing demands in terms of performance.

These generally relate to comfort, energy supplies, safety, and sustainability. A significant part of the the Cloud. The structure of the large atrium is atypical. All of these technical and performance issues have been studied via intense teamwork with the PCA and businesses without any conflict, although some deadline requirements have led to quick decisions being made.

The SFL had an ambitious program, but they also provided us with methods for exploring and meeting their requirements. We therefore split the horizontal section of the atrium into 30 small skylights of approximately 4 x 4 m. These were processed in isolation by allocating a slight slope. The steel structure in between these skylights includes all of the rainwater piping network and feeds it towards the drainage system.

Project owners are still seeking success with increasingly more expressive, atypical structures despite the dire economic situation. It is this type of high-value technical and architectural projects that we are most often called for.

Et tout ceci en un temps record! Plusieurs concepts appelaient des réponses innovantes. Puis, en plaçant des lames réfléchissantes sur la façade, nous sommes parvenus à acheminer la lumière au fond des patios et des bureaux, tout en protégeant le bâtiment. En limitant les surfaces de menuiseries par la finesse des profils, nous avons réduit les déperditions thermiques.

Grossesse et prise de poids dernier trimestre

Les études menées sur les façades double peau constituent un des sujets ambitieux du projet. Les vitrages de 3 x 3 m caractérisent cette façade, notamment dans la zone cintrée. Sur le projet Cloud. La charpente du grand atrium est atypique. Ces dernières ont été traitées isolément en leur attribuant une faible pente. Celles-ci ont généralement trait au confort, aux flux énergétiques, à la sécurité et à la durabilité.

SFL avait un programme ambitieux, mais nous a donné en amont les moyens de les étudier et de concrétiser ses exigences. Les extracteurs sont placés dans la poutre acier en PRS au droit du raccord entre la façade et la verrière. La mise en place de passerelles entre la réflexion architecturale et technique permet de configurer des détails constructifs en. Following our first collaboration on the glazing at Longchamp in Hong Kong, he asked us to take part in the design of the glazing and door for the BMW showroom, located on Avenue Georges V in Paris, right next to the Champs Elysées.

Car manufacturer showrooms have always had mainly, or even excessively, glazed façades. The façade of the Peugeot showroom on Avenue de la Grande Armée in Paris was an excellent example unfortunately, it has since been demolished and replaced by a more ordinary bolted glass system façade. The recent Renault showroom by Franck Hammoutene was mainly developed around innovative interior concepts, while the Citroën one, designed by Manuelle Gautrand whose site does not mention a façade consultant, but Arnaud de Bussiere did work on this projectis dressed with an expressive glass wall façade, the priority of which is not transparency.

We therefore needed to go back to basics! This was done on this showroom, with a façade of 2 large lateral bays of 7.

The dimensions of the lateral bays did not allow one piece of glazing, so they inevitably had to be reconfigured. To minimise the impact of this, we cut the bay into 2, introducing a horizontal joining line between the pieces of glass at 3. Each piece of glass was framed on 3 sides, so the connection was limited to a simple silicone join. It still needed to be as thin as possible.

To achieve this, the upper glass was placed onto corner blocks, which were lodged into the peripheral frame and were height-adjustable. It was therefore possible to to place the upper glazing precisely, just above the lower glazing, and to achieve a completely straight join.

The thickness of the 2 layers of glass was therefore adjusted so that, in the wind, the 2 edges become distorted almost identically. This variation in thickness is not noticeable, thanks to the use of extra-clear glass. These two bays, with their spectacular dimensions, have therefore complied with almost all norms the corner supports were the only variation and have therefore been considered as traditional works.

They were produced by the. The story of the entrance is just as exciting, with two automatic 4. The interest lies in the absence of central mullions, which are necessary to emphasise the BMW logo located on the inside, in line with the entrance. Les showrooms des fabricants de voitures ont depuis toujours des façades largement, voire excessivement vitrés.

La façade du show-room de Peugeot située avenue de la Grande Armée à Paris, en était un excellent exemple malheureusement démolie et remplacée par une façade bien plus ordinaire en VEA. Il fallait donc revenir aux sources! Ce fut chose faite avec ce showroom dont la façade comporte 2 grandes baies latérales de 7,2m de large par 4. Les dimensions des baies latérales ne permettaient pas de passer avec un seul vitrage, et le redécoupage de la baie était inévitable.

Chaque verre étant pris en feuillure sur 3 côtés, ce raccord pouvait se limiter à un simple joint silicone. Il fut ainsi possible de placer le vitrage supérieur avec une très grande précision au-dessus. We are glad to see this rationalization of the code, based on the realities. KR participated throughout the process from design till construction.

When we started working in Korea, we had no doubts about technique but we knew we had to learn the Korean injections anti rides danger 44 of doing. This went with some surprises. To reach a wellbalanced conclusion, we realize that sincere and constant communication is crucial among the whole project team.

Code and its customary application: Careful reading of the Korean wind code architectural structure helped us to feel confident when we proposed a surface roughness class A for dense urban environment for this project, located in the center of Seoul.

First calculation sheet and first surprise: in Korea, almost nobody uses the class A! The highest wind speed ever over 15 years recorded in the site Jung-gu was Yet, strong custom to follow after the roughness of the existing neighboring buildings resulted in no existence of building of roughness A urban zone in Korea. We explained how this roughness A is reasonable and realistic, based on the urban densification and statistic wind data.

Also, the selected wind roughness was generating substantial cost savings. After several discussions, all of us come to an agreement to use roughness A for design wind load of the façade. Urban densification in site zone Jung-gu : Green building is the project. Buildings in red have 10 stories or more, while those in yellow are less than 10 stories buildings. Distribution map of high-rise buildings around the site, with the wind rose of Seoul: wind directions are the West and North-East, where there are mostly high-rise buildings.

You can notice the adhesive tapes on the glass, related to the on-site gluing, which will be removed later. It also tells the story of a client who wants his headquarters to nevertheless be an outstanding building. The Architects consequently wanted the project to look like a jewel among pieces of ordinary glass, and their first approach was consequently to design a double skin façade to provide a feeling of depth.

We mentioned that in tropic humid climates, such works do not perform like in continental climates with drier air, and the risk of condensation is obviously something to consider. Also our experience in Europe taught us that the perception of a double glass skin is highly dependent on the exterior weather conditions: sometimes the outer skin will just be invisible! We suggested that the feeling of depth could more consistently be provided by opaque elements located in between the 2 skins, and started introducing deep mullions and inclined panels.

These would catch the sunlight at different moments and create some sparkling effect. To deal with the local climate, we proposed a single skin that would jump in and out between the inclined panels.

En effet, sa surproduction au cours du vieillissement pourrait être impliquée dans la perte de fermeté et d'élasticité, et l'apparition des rides. Lorsque l'on induit la sénescence avec H 2 O 2on observe chez les fibroblastes une très forte augmentation de la MMP Les fibroblastes sont obtenus à partir de peau provenant de déchets opératoires de sujets jeunes.

Les échantillons ont été lavés dans du PBS et de l'éthanol. A ce milieu, de la primocine a été ajoutée. Celle-ci est antibiotique, antifongique et antimicoplasme. Les boîtes de cultures sont mises à incuber. Pour induire la sénescence, les fibroblastes sont ensemencés dans des boîtes de cultures.

Après 24 heures d'incubation, les cellules sont soumises à un stress oxydant. Il s'agit d'un stress aigu qui induit la sénescence des cellules. Il repose sur le principe de la migration électrophorétique des échantillons dans une nanopuce.

La PCR en temps réel permet de quantifier le niveau d'expression transcriptionnel d'un gène d'intérêt par amplification des ADNc, obtenus par transcription inverse, des ARNm du gène présent dans le lysat cellulaire.

Le mélange réactionnel est constitué d'ADNc et du mélange du couple d'amorces d'intérêt avec une solution d'iQ SybrGreen Supermix Biorad contenant, entre autres, la Taq Polymérase et un agent intercalant du petit sillon des doubles hélices d'ADN : le Sybr Green agent intercalant fluorescent. Les fibroblastes rendus sénescents par incubation avec H 2 O 2 exprimaient 2,14 fois plus la MMP-1 que les fibroblastes normaux donc la sénescence a bien été induite.

Sur les fibroblastes rendus sénescents par incubation avec H 2 O 2une inhibition variable de la transcription de collagène de type I a été mesurée; une telle inhibition semblait cependant dépendante des donneurs.

En conclusion de cette expérience, il apparaît que les HA exercent une activité anti-MMP-1 soit anti-oxydante donc ayant potentiellement une activité anti-âge dans ce modèle de sénescence induite. D'autre part, ces résultats montrent que les différents HA libres n'agissent pas sur la synthèse de collagène de type I. Ainsi, de par leur action régulatrice sur les MMP-1, les HA libres contenus dans l'implant selon la présente invention contribuent à limiter la destruction et la déstructuration de la MEC.

Le mélange est laissé à l'homogénéisation discontinue pendant 1 h Le mélange a été neutralisé par l'ajout de 5 g de HCl lN. A ce gel purifié est ajouté du HA de 1,2 MDa, préalablement hydraté dans du tampon phosphate. Les 2 gels sont homogénéisés dans un mélangeur classique à pâles pendant 1 à 2 heures. Après stérilisation, le pH du produit est de 7,1, l'osmolarité de mOsm, et les caractérisations rhéologiques donnent un module élastique G' de 45 Pa. Implant injectable selon la revendication 1, caractérisé en ce que le gel constitué d'acide hyaluronique réticulé a une viscosité comprise entre et Pa.

Implant injectable selon l'une quelconque des revendications précédentes, caractérisé en ce que l'acide hyaluronique constituant le gel réticulé a une masse moléculaire comprise entre et kDa, de préférence comprise entre et kDa. Implant injectable selon l'une quelconque des revendications précédentes, caractérisé en ce que le sulfate de chondroïtine a une masse moléculaire comprise entre 2 et 80 kDa, préférentiellement entre 20 et 50 kDa. Implant injectable selon l'une quelconque des revendications précédentes, caractérisé en ce que l'acide hyaluronique libre, ou l'un de ses sels physiologiquement acceptables, est réparti de façon homogène à l'intérieur du gel d'acide hyaluronique réticulé.

Implant injectable selon l'une quelconque des revendications précédentes, caractérisé en ce que le fluide vecteur est un tampon isotonique stérile apyrogène. Implant injectable selon l'une quelconque des revendications précédentes, caractérisé en ce qu 'il contient en outre au moins un autre principe actif utilisé en dermo-cosmétique. Implant injectable selon la revendication 8, caractérisé en ce que le principe actif dermo-cosmétique est choisi parmi les vitamines, les anti-oxydants, et les sels minéraux, les antiseptiques et le sulfate de chondroïtine.

Implant injectable selon la revendication 8, caractérisé en ce que l'anti-oxydant est le mannitol. Implant injectable selon l'une quelconque des revendications 1 à 9 en tant que médicament. Kit se présentant sous la forme de seringue et contenant un implant injectable selon l'une quelconque des revendications 1 à 9.

Procédé de préparation d'un implant injectable selon l'une quelconque des revendications 1 à 9, caractérisé en ce qu 'il comprend les étapes suivantes: 1 préparation d'un gel réticulé selon les étapes suivantes : - introduction d'acide hyaluronique dans un fluide basique. USA1 fr. EPB1 fr. JPB2 fr. KRB1 fr. CNA fr. ARA1 fr. AUB2 fr. BRPIA2 fr. CAA1 fr. EST3 fr. FRB1 fr. ILA fr. MAB1 fr. MXA fr. NOL fr. NZA fr. RUC2 fr. TNA1 fr. TWIB fr. UAC2 fr. WOA1 fr. ZAB fr. Reticulation de polysaccharides de faible et forte masse moleculaire; preparation d'hydrogels monophasiques injectables; polysaccharides et hydrogels obtenus.

AUA1 en. USB2 en. PTT pt. Composition injectable a base d'acide hyaluronique ou l'un de ses sels, de polyols et de lidocaine, sterilisee a la chaleur.

Association de monosaccharides et d'agents desquamants et son utilisation en cosmetique. Hydrogel injectable permettant une supplementation en glycerol dans la peau sur le long terme. USA1 en. Hydrogel compositions comprising vasoconstricting and anti-hemorrhagic agents for dermatological use. A fluid composition comprising a hyaluronan polymer and mannitol for improving skin condition. CAC fr. Hydrogels reticules a base de polysaccharides et de proteines- polysaccharides pour l'augmentation des tissus mous.

Hyaluronic acid-collagen matrices for dermal filling and volumizing applications. Composition, sterilisee, comprenant au moins un acide hyaluronique et de l'ascorbyl phosphate de magnesium. Matière de remplissage dermocosmétique et son utilisation à des fins esthétiques.

ARA1 es. Compositions comprising dermatan sulfate and chondroitin sulfate and use thereof in cosmetological compositions. KRA ko. TWA zh. Hydrogels co-réticulés d'acide hyaluronique-fibroïne pour améliorer la viabilité des greffes tissulaires et pour l'augmentation des tissus mous. FRA1 fr. KRB1 ko. Compositions biphasiques injectables renfermant de l'acide hyaluronique, notamment utiles en chirurgies reparatrice et esthetique. JPHA ja. Implant injectable en sous-cutane et en sous-gingival resorbable a base de maltodextrine micro-encapsulee et resorbable en un temps determine.

Reticulation de polysaccharides de faible et forte masse moleculaire; preparation d'hydrogels monophasiques injectables; polysaccharides et hydrogels obtenus. Compositions topiques associant des fragments de hyaluronate de sodium et un retinoide utiles en dermatologie cosmetique et medicale. Acide hyaluronique reticule soluble dans l'eau, son procede de preparation, implant contenant ledit acide hyaluronique reticule, et son utilisation. Antioxydants a base d'especes d'anacardiacees, leurs procedes d'obtention et leurs applications.

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