Pigment spots on black skin

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Repigmentation cheveux phyto

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Pigmentation on black and dark skin. List of subjects.

The pigmentation process: melanogenesis The melanogenesis which is responsible for pigmentation is a response to an exterior stimulus: ultra-violet rays UVs.

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Pigment spots on black skin

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It is important to consult a dermatologist to confirm the diagnosis of melasma and to rule out any possible confusion with other types of spots.

A dermatologist will also quickly see whether the pigment spots are concentrated in the epidermis, the dermis or distributed between these two layers of skin. This is important information, as it conditions the results that can be expected with the treatments implemented. If we have fully understood the information above, we will have understood that the first treatment is preventive: it concerns good protection from the sun.

In terms of treatment, to date, one active substance has predominantly shown its efficacy in clearing the majority of these dark spots: hydroquinone. This active substance is particularly effective when it is combined with retinoic acid and hydrocortisone which we call the Kligman depigmentation trio.

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However, this combination is not available in any medicinal products in France. In addition, hydroquinone is not authorized in Europe in cosmetic products, and the only possibility for use remains within the framework of magistral preparations prescribed by a dermatologist. In this case, it is a medical prescription that requires careful monitoring. Products used to camouflage them must suffice. When combined with vitamin C and exfoliating agents, alpha-arbutin yields interesting results by blurring dark spots and unifying the complexion.

Whether the melasma has been in place for some time or if the objective is preventing it due to promoting factors dark skin, family history, hormonal contraceptives, pregnancy, repeated sun exposuregood sun protection on the face, neck and chest is a salutary reflex.