Knotts berry farm pictures of rides

Frdythbartender Estrella Juillet 20, Kate Klampe Avril Watch out for the Ghostriderit's fast and wild!

Joe rides pictures

Rest of the park is fun and the food is great at the Boysenberry festival. Rick S Décembre 22, Line jumpers need to be reported and removed. Big problem we had. People cutting through line to meet up with friends further up. Shirl Ann Juillet 30, Go early and leave early. Do not forget to stop by the chicken house and get some chicken and biscuits with boysenberry jam.

Go to Dreyer's when you leave the park. It seems expensive but they hook it up with the ice cream. You can also buy funnel cakes there :. Great value for the season pass.

Fantastic park for family fun and thrill rides. I've always loved Knott's. Salma Smith Décembre 8, If you still go there one eg little rides try bigger ones and I am Best place in the west! Go during off season and there are hardly any lines. Season pass is worth it. Tons cheaper than Disney. My favorite place!

Lhanni Kaites Avril 15, Took my boys on a great day. The wait times without a fastpass were mostly 5 min. The longest wait time was 20 min which would normally be an hour plus. Had such a great time.

D C Décembre 10, Not really into roller coasters too much, but all the shows are great and the Mine Ride is awesome! Can't forget about Bigfoot Rapids. Nicole Chauvet Mai 31, Come early for parking. Train and log rides are the best! Need a ride? Emily Selin Avril 7, Even if you do not go into the parkeating at the Chicken Dinner Restaurant is a must. Take home a freshly baked boysenberry pie too.

Welcome to Knott's!

The funnel cakes are also a "must. Dana Rock Juin 19, So I went on that ride umm "life insurance" lol I mean Supreme Scream.

Also a must is the "I left my face back their! Lewis Mash Juillet 21, I grew up in Cerritos and this park is a the Local bomb, but always gets overlooked by Disneyland.

Go during October and experience Knott's Scary Farm!! It's pretty funny! For older kids, somewhere. Joey Septembre 14, Great place to take the whole family. Affordable prices for tickets. Camp Snoopy is a favorite for the little kids! Arnie Panameño Octobre 9, You definitely should get the Fast Lane pass if you're planning to go to all the mazes.

Sonia Cincotta Janvier 1, Aaron Apple Avril 13, The Xcelerator is easily the biggest adrenaline rush in the parkdon't miss it! It was closed when we first got there, but opened mid day, so keep a lookout! Debbie Trujillo Février 18, Perfect for little guys; great kiddie rides; park just big enough; coupons online; affordable. Zack Stockton Juin 9, Like an amusement parkand a county fair at the same time. Come for Halloweenbut not with the little kids- they will get mega scared!!

Nicholas Taan Juillet 26, Diana G. Mars 25, Longest line was the Ghostriderif possible, cross this one off your list first : it's well worth the wait! Ana Strina Juillet 24, Esse parque é maravilhoso e muita pouca gente conhece. Vale a pena a visita!! Caleb Août 2, Try the Churro Sundae!!! Recommend recommend mmm yes. Academy of World Dance n Arts Novembre 21, Johnny Rockets is a fun place to eat in the park and the Snoopy ice skating show is not to be missed.

Knott's Berry Farm

Lea Blau Septembre 20, Rj St Thomas Août 13, I love their boysenberry funnel cakes! Rides go "offline" quite a bit. Even the new ones. Jessica Taylor Mars 19, Always nice to visit a park that has a lot of options for all ages. Fiesta Village has the nicest employees. They are definitely the most chill in the park. Especially the ones a Jaguar!

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Knotts berry farm pictures of rides

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Ride at Knott's Berry Farm - Photos

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