Kid rides in universal studios

I took for Manu and I a daily pass, and we had the time to do 5 rides, we could probably have done one more thing, but we left at 5pm. The nice thing about the Hollywood park is that we are in the capital of the movie industry, in Los Angels, and therefore we can visit real studios. I was so surprised to experience something more than just a train ride in the middle of sets.

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California A day at Universal Studios Hollywood. We can hear the very recognizable music from Universal when we step into the park.

Tips: Tickets are cheaper during the week. If you plan to go several times, the annual pass is a good deal. It can be really hot in summertime Crowd: it gets pretty crowded during the summer. Plan accordingly, and arrive as early as you can. We parted the group in 2, and when one group was done, we took care of the kid of our friends while they did their ride on their own.

The flying blue car. While waiting, we can admire the animations and walls of the school. My favorite. A water ride. Revenge of the Mummy. Undercover Tourist Février 3, Gavin Harper Octobre 10, Fun rideok for the 5 and above set. Can carry bags on the ride.

Marcela De Pelegrin Lopes Mars 5. It is a classic and calm ride, it is a MUST. Dmitry Guzun Octobre 29, Nice, old style, but very cute attraction, kids loved it. Joey Mars 8, My favorite part is flying from the jungle and over the city skyline! It was great. Marcos Kalil Filho Mars 1, Da fila até o adeus do ET falando seu nomevale muito a pena! Natalia Lenczner Août 31, Lovely, reminds me of my childhood. Dwayne Kilbourne Avril 16, Love this ride Buck Town Juin 5, Give a ridiculous name when they ask you at check-in.

ET will say it at the end of his acid trip! Fatih Dikmen Août 24, It was not excited for me. If you have a time at the end of the day, u can try. But don't expect so much. Eric Hess Mars 25, It a fun ride for those that have seen E.

Unfortunately my adult children have not and the ride is outdated. Carla Jean Avril 18, Chris Miles Février 22, Matthew Keller Mars 15, Rudi Grub Avril 17, The smell of this ride is amazing, I dunno what it is, but you'll always know you're on E.

Mônica Carolina Santos Mai 8, Tiff Mai 17, Look for the E. Getting an imaginary blow job. Hint: looks like he's pushing a girls head down repeatedly. Fernando Secco Avril 23, Liz Currier Juin 24, Katie Lamb Juin 5, T can say it at the end!

Tina Turner Juillet 19, Kassandra Juillet 27, Rick Doesburg Août 30, Sweet, slow ride. Nice for kids, no long lines. Paola Battaglia Dias Il y a 2 semaines. Garrett Dees Février 20, Albert Revah Décembre 11, Carlos Henrique Vilarinho Septembre 11, Vanessa Cbr Août 20, Mas a magia de E. Eline Doesburg Août 30, It's a fun ride for kids.

You only wait for like 10 minutes. Classic Ride!!! Come On, we all want to Save E. Rafael Levy Octobre 19, Heather Hopp Juillet 7, Why do they keep it again?! Recherches connexes e. Obtenir l'itinéraire. Universal Orlando Resort is a unique destination featuring two theme parks, three themed on-site hotels and a nighttime entertainment complex.

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