Infento rides uk

The Wooden Man Toy is a magic trick all by itself, when tumbled and completely fallen apart, he magically re-arranges himself in an upright position! Not only does it re-shape when knocked over, if you swing for his legs he will jump and dodge your hammer!

By employing an adjustable wheelbase, the C-naptiK quad can alternate between a high center of gravity and quick turning speed — good for urban riding Streetsurfer : le vélo pour drifter en ville!

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Infento rides uk

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Like Lego and Meccano but then life-size! Camera slider from life-size modular Infento parts. Infento - World's first real constructible rides. We are always super impressed by cool Infento creations our customers come up with!

This cool cart has the utility AND looks going for it. Well done! The gift that keeps on giving. Infento Wonder Wheels. Infento Halloween Spider.

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Double durable and infinitive creative! City life with my Infento Ride. Will your kid be the next Spielberg? Your child can now record their outdoor adventures while keeping the hands safely on the handlebars. The Infento Mount will make sure every minute is captured!