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Productive and fun at the same time. Learned new skills through advice from co workers. Maths skills improved due to the money dealings in my role. Busy and productive workplace. Schedules given at beginning of the working day. Intensive and regular training professional and approachable management Co-workers pull together as a team as required, needed or voluntary.

Job schedule very strenuous and have to move fast to meet deadlines in schedule. Interacting with both clients and co-workers all pulling together to make an enjoyable working environment.

Potential to Better Yourself. I work on a 5 hour day where my work load includes inputting data for the three messes of 14 regiment with regards to all their food purchases. Whilst i am solely responsible for the junior ranks mess i also co run the Sgt. I have recently set up an on-line ration submittal process via share-point which has sped up the process for getting paperwork in for deadlines and saved a lot of wasted paper by not having to send paperwork through the internal mail process.

I like that I have my own office and I'm pretty much left to do my job without outside interference. They Hardest part of the job is having to rely on other people to get facts ad numbers into me by a deadline so that accounts can be closed at the end of the month ready for end of month audits by military personnel.

Managment are ok of the get to know the staff. Good place to work, customer focused and professional. My typical day at work, is to prepare and cook meals for the customers, the meal times vary from breakfast, lunches and evening meal, on some occations we have functions.

I have learned lots of different skills, as well as improving some of my skills while working at Sodexo, lhow to work well with people of all ages and abilities, also working with people from different cultural backgrounds. We had a large management structure, my direct manager i got on well with and hold a good working relationship with them. My co- workers i believe i get on well with and work as a team with them, the hardest part of my job is the guess work of how many people we are likely so feed in a particular food service, as the numbers can vary day buy day, and the copmpany is very strict on wastage.

The most enjoyable part of my job is talking the customers, as i am a very outgoiing person and like to meet new people.


I've grown up alot since joining the Army. I've met alot of wonderful people and traveled all over the world. What I like most about my job was to get a chance to interact and work with different nationalities. As I got older, I enjoyed mentoring, training, and educating young Soldiers. My overall goal was to educate and train young junior Soldiers to be better leaders, which resulted in higher graduation rates at military training schools.

Army Recruiting to Human Resources. It was a decision I will never regret making. I thank the Army for giving me all those years of experience and experiences alike. If you don't mind the structure of a military lifestyle, then my review would be 6 out of 10 on a "cool" scale and a 9 out of 10 on a "stable life" scale. If not, stay in school and reach for the sky. Just like anywhere else.

The ones who don't belong in that position. Productive workplace. A typical day at work consisted of physical training, vehicle maintenance, and paperwork. We learned how to remain fully mission capable at all times. The hardest part of the job was not knowing. Not knowing when or if you would be deployed, what to tell your family, when you would be home. The most enjoyable part of the job was meeting different types of people from all walks of life.

Different countries, different states. Just the diversity of everyone, but in all aspects, the same. All fighting for the same purpose, freedom.

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Great overall benefits and job security. The US Army allows for a great environment and offers room for growth. Subject to deployments; sometimes hampers family life due to seperation. Well discipline and worked well with others. A standard work day consisted of 3 formations a day, annual maintenance and daily training. Also conducting classes and training schedules.

During my time with the this organization I learned time management, creating training schedules and self discipline. My job required to be in control and accounted for high value and sensitive equipment on a daily basis. Education on standard training and abilities, and also self health. Working with a company of overwas able to work with and coordinate with during training days and able to work well with peers and develop a cooperative work relationship. The difficult part of this career long training periods, being away from family.

During the training days was fun working with co workers who became close friends. Going out to weeks to a months of training ranges, away from family. Précédent Suivant.

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