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Ahhh to be young again. If only I could go back When life was simpler. Yes Virginia there is an album and it will be finished in October. Who could it be? In all my years of fake playing the guitar only once have I made a mistake.

One night in San Francisco I hit a clinker. A really awful one. Because it made no sound thankfully the band was able to carry on.

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None the less I have carried this faux pas with me all these many years. I have been tickled pink with the number of times my name keeps coming up in all of the current interviews being done by Tommy, JY and the other lads. Why after 20 years am I still a topic of discussion? I am certain the boys would be o Truly I have to chuckle. I suspect the interviewers have a hand in it but really why are my old buddies giving me all this attention. Granted most comments made by them are designed to alienate Styx fans from all things me.

At gun point I assume. He was always much more than that. Check the record Being a Styx fan meant liking the whole with all its incredible musical parts.

I felt ill equipped to handle all that pressure and I believed it would foster destructive internal conflict.

I was in a band for a reason Our success and the dedication of you guys the fans, still to this day was only ever about the whole pizza, not the cheese, the sausage, pepperoni, sauce or the dough. Mmmmm yummy. Time to stop reading this stuff and order your favorite pizza, put on some Styx and reminisce, Cheers Mr.

Pizza Pan. STYXreuniontour dennisdeyoung pizza. Hey kids de retour au Quebec. After five long years me and the gang returned to Quebec on Friday night to play the Agorafest in Ville de Quebec. Right now if you spend a hundred dollars the Canadian government will cover your mortgage for a year and pay off your student loans. I may have overstated that last bit. Suzanne likes their prime minister Despite my unintended absence, the Quebecers filled the venue with their bodies and their rousing friendship for me and the music.

Ballads are always de rigeur so deYoung is still in fashion. Can I get an amen. My French was a little rusty so I had to consult with my friends Jean Ravel, who sang the French parts on Years From Thursday and Paul Jessup who was the guy most responsible for my current success in Quebec. No way to start a conversation nor concert. I studied French in college and failed my first semester. To busy on rock star dreams. This after 4 years of high school Latin.

It figures I would learn accordion, a dead instrument, then follow that by studying Latin, a dead language. The concert was as always the closest reminder of what it was like to be in Styx back when it mattered.

Mes amis As I have said before, je suis Americain mais dans mon coeur je suis Quebecois. Merci beaucoup. Eh bientot Clouseau. Actually I just sat there and listened but it would have been appropriate. Later they sent me to fetch there cars. Been watching the reruns of the Martin Short show Jiminy G Midwestern rock band who listened to the British proggies and borrowed stuff to create their own thing.

Listen to those two and you know what the lads were thinking. Sadly too many people believed they had preceded S Steve Brown joined the fun at the Milwaukee at the Pabst the Theater not the beer. Congrats and love to both of them. Great singer and player and a true rock star. Although there were still some who claimed I was just getting another look a like for JY. Har dee har har har har Last nights crowd was as enthusiastic as ya can get.

Standing up for most of the show on the main floor singing to every song, they proved once again that Wisconsinites really love this music. I play in Wisconsin more than any other state.

Speaking of 25th wedding anniversaries, Suzanne and I spent ours in Italy and it was the best trip of our lives. I hate travel, just done too much of it.

As a holder of a doctorate in complaining, PhD Magna Cum Loudmouth from the University of Kvetching, I promised Suzanne I would not complain about anything we did on the two weeks we spent there. In fact I secretly arranged for a renewal of vows at a Church in Rome called St.

True dat. It was lovely and she was surprised. If you ever get the opportunity to visit there I highly recommend it. The history alone is worth the price of admission not to mention the food and the beauty of it all. Anyway thanks once again to the people of Wisconsin. May there always be a perfect Friday night Fish Fry in your Future.

Mmmmm lightly breaded wall eye, fries, slaw and a stein of root beer. The digital manipulation of video images and audio is fast approaching a time when too many of us will be unable to tell the difference between the real and the digitally created.

This will make it virtually impossible to believe anything we see or hear or read. The last presidential election and the interference by the Kremlin Kreeps is just the beginning. As you know I have long been an advocate of mankind paying attention to these tech developments. A grand bargain must be struck between the inventions created and the ultimate harm it can create.

I most certainly am. This is different. Finding new jobs is easier then being unable to define realty. Cheers Fritz Lang. Spidey we hardly knew ye The Grand Illusion was up for the credit roll music in the new Spider-Man movie.

This was Huge. The deal was negotiated and came done to two songs. Turns out the credit roll is as important as the movie.

At least it was in the running. Hey kids A choir of angels. This is a shot of some south side Chicago gospel singers I brought in to sing on a song from the new album. They sounded glorious and thanks to Michael Manson for putting it all together. Four distinct parts that hopefully take the listener on a musical journey.

I am very proud of this tune and I believe it will be A. D and Rockin the Paradise Only time will tell. I googled it and nothin came up. It starts with just me and a las vegas theme rides how original then like so many Styx tunes a rock band breaks down the door.

Who let those guys in I did.

Botox injection course melbourne mac

It ends with a rousing sing along choir burnin down the house. Hand clappin, foot stompin, fist pumpin, crowd singin, guitar rockin affirmation of what this country should be all about. I do love it and hope you will too. There are songs of a very personal nature that reflect on my long journey through life and what I think I have learned along the way. Looking back a lot more than ahead which makes sense considering my age.

Just saw this. I think this either or Pieces of Eight tour. Still a vest guy. Answer rock bands. No discount for me. Screw em. We believe fulfilling the dream will change us, it will not. Although money is very nice See my Billie Eilish post. Thanks kids. Passez à. Sections de cette page. Adresse courriel ou téléphone Mot de passe Informations de compte oubliées? À propos. Tour Dates. Voir plus de contenu de Dennis DeYoung sur Facebook. Se connecter. Informations de compte oubliées? Plus tard. Publications des visiteurs.

Rick Staron. Carl Voice Rinaldi. Afficher la suite. Dan Arminavage. Now for a change of monodiete avant regime. What are blackheads and how the hell do we treat them?

You'll just have to listen to find out. Support the show. We chat about excess sweating, also known as hypohidrosis, and Joanna reveals what it's like to have Botox under your arms and if it actually works. Hannah also shares an interesting insight into her taste in men.

Derya Koch from Victorian Dermal Group joins us to talk all things skin needling; pre-care, post-care and the treatment itself, and Hannah tells us just how painful the treatment actually is. Cliquez ici pour raffraichir la page manuellement.

Hannah tried to tell Joanna a story about her belly button piercing gunk to gross her out But guess what? Joanna gets the gunk too! On this week's cringy convo we discuss how we clean our belly button gunk, how to deal with an infected piercing and why you should think long and hard before getting a cartilage piercing.

We asked our Instagram followers for their sensitive skin questions, so we're joined by dermatologist Dr Cara McDonald to get the lowdown. We chat about the difference between sensitive and maigrir affiner les bras 13 skin, how to incorporate active ingredients into your routine and conditions like eczema and rosacea. We chat bad breath, tongue scrapers, teeth whitening and, as always, Hannah has a little confession to share.

Joanna and Hannah both got chemical peels to dispel the common myth that they actually peel your face off à la Samantha Jones in Sex And The City. The two products we use post-procedure:. Happy Monday beauties! We're joined by model Jess King to talk all things cellulite. Spoiler alert: it's completely normal! If you're interested in seeing before and afters, check out their Instagram page biologiserum. Which Biologi serum is for you?

A flaky scalp can be caused by lots of things; irritation, psoriasis and eczema, dryness, sensitivity to products, not washing the hair enough, not rinsing out product thoroughly enough, the list goes on.

After almost 20 years, she's pretty much tried every single product. She also has a pretty epic routine:.

Bacne can we embarrassing She shares why the brand gained cult status so quickly, some of her fave products and what's next for The Ordinary. Nicola's routine:.


Happy Monday, Beauties! Hannah started the week off a little rough, with a completely blocked ear and a trip to the doctor to get her earwax cleared out.

Hannah got a good question this week: "I just always feel a bit confused about the right skincare routine. So, Joanna tells us exactly how to structure a skincare routine. You asked and we listened! We share our personal strategies for going on a holiday with your partner with the first time.

Our products:. Tegan Mac from teganmac. She joins us to bust breakout myths and tell us which ingredients and professional treatments are best for acne-prone skin.

Tegan's routine:. Hannah discusses all the things she's learning about having facial hair and getting it lasered offand discovers there's a silver lining to every story. We delve into our favourite UV formulas, and the childhood trauma including sand in your vagina that made us not want to wear sunscreen every day. At Hannah's request, we take a look inside Joanna's bathroom. Her top 10 products at the moment are:. It's a controversial topic this week For this week's cringy convo, we talk about making the switch to natural deodorant.